Mach 1 Best mods for the $$$?

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  1. i do all my own work too, and did alot of research on exhaust before i purchased it. The long tubes i bought do not let the trans drop but kooks, american racing, and a couple of others allow the trans to drop out. From all of the info i gathered, long tubes are the way to go if your going to do it. The stockers will flow up to 650 hp, so it isnt all that necessary, but im going to do a a blower eventually, and a small shot of nitrous before that, so longtubes was the way to go for me. Ill try to get a coulple of threads about longtubes vs shoties and send you the links.

    p.s....the reason some people claim a higher gain could be because they swapped out a mid pipe, or did full exhaust. most people dont swap out the stockers for shorties and leave the rest alone. Some people claim a higher gain than that also, that was just one or 2 cases i heard of. what i was talking about was just swapping out the shorties for the stockers, if the rest of the exhaust was already done, the gains would not be that great.
  2. Well thats totally different than what im talking about...Im not talkin about shorties....Im talking about Mid Length Headers that only JBA and Bassani make,they are almost as long as LT's,nowhere near shorties.Yes shorties would be worthless and that would account for your 1hp claim that you stated.From what I have heard mid's are around 3-5+or-hp less than LT's.I think we are talking about different style headers....:shrug:
  3. NP,I hope that last reply of mine didnt sound rude,wasnt meaning to be.Because I could have been reading and hearing wrong while Ive been researching.On a some web sites that have shown pics of the mids,they do took kinda like shorties,but that doesnt mean the are showing the right pics either.I saw a 03 cobra couple weeks back at the auto parts and it had a JBA sticker on the quarter window so I ask what kind they where and he said mids.He let me look under to get a look at them and they came down to around the tranny bell but was a bit shorter than LT's.But after these last few postsand some more research Im now confused.
    Here's the deal,my mach still has about 2yrs left on a complete everything warranty so im not ready for headers until its out.But im wanting a high flow H in the meantime but not many companies are making H flow h's.Only one I could find that for sure makes them is MRT,but I was looking at a site that was selling a catted H by JBA.Fromn the looks of it in the pics it looks like it could almost be a stock replacement but not quiet long enough,and then it says at the bottom that they fit JBA 1622s Headers which are for Mid's.WEll i sent em an email and they tell they are for stock after this thread Im confused.......:rlaugh:
  4. im pretty sure that aftermarket midpipe will void the warrenty. i dont think a catback does though...someone please correct me if im wrong
  5. I know that an o/r will void it,but i dont think a high flow will since thats is one of the few items not covered on the warranty in the first place.Its not a Ford warranty.I got a the car from a ford dealer and I got the warranty for free...2yr total care says on my contract that the only items not covered are things like brake pads,glass,exhaust,body panels,clutch disk...those types of things,mainly wear and tear.But im gonna make sure,I didnt do a catback just weld ins.But im also gonna keep the stocker,so if i need to claim warranty Ill just bolt up the stocker...same with my shifter.