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  1. I personally love they 67 mustang and i think it will never be out styled and its the sole reason why the 05 mustang was a huge success. What are you guys' all time favorites?
  2. I thinkthe backs of the 05's resemble the 70's the most :D

    My all time favorite is still 69-70 though....they have the MOST aggressive look IMO
  3. The '67 Shelby GT-500 convertible prototype.
  4. The best Mustang ever is and has always been the 65! Can't beat the classic muscle car looks,and the simple design.
  5. For me it's hard to decide among the '65-6, '67-8, and '69-70 Fastbacks/Sportsroofs. Each is great in their own way. I like the roof lines of the '65-6 Fastbacks the best, but also like the more muscular appearance of the '69-70s. And who doesn't like the '67-8 Shelbys? A '69 Sportsroof will probably be my next project.
    And, yes, my '05 reminds me of the '70 the most, especially from the rear.
  6. Nice, keep them comin
  7. 71 351 Boss
  8. i think the name mustang describes one of the best cars ever made period. they have allways brought the best bang for the buck since 64 and they are still kickin today.
  9. Don't get me wrong, I love my '65 and i wouldnt have gone any other way but I like the 69 styling a little better, they are a little more aggressive, and look more muscley. If i were to buy another, i would go with the 69 but for now im happy with my own muscle car.
  10. yup, same situation here! i love the 65, but my dream ia a 69 boss
  11. i like the uniqueness and mean looks of the 69's the best, with the 74-78 mustangs being my next favorite and then the 85-86 gt's. i will always own a classic before then any of the others though.
  12. In the coupe body styles, in my opinion, the '68 is da bomb! --followed by the '67. After that, all fastbacks, but particularly the '67-'70 model fastbacks.
  13. Love the looks of the '69-70 fastbacks.
  14. 67 Coupe, three pedal four speed! Mainly because I have one and never get tired of driving it. :D
  15. 65-66 2+2 only & always.

    Though the years have allowd the lines on the 67-68 &69-70 to grow more attractive. It's hard to get beyond the prejudice, left over from the day, of the post 66 Stangs growing into TANKS.
  16. I like the 67 Coupe because its the go between of the smaller 65 and the larger 69/70 and later the 71-73. I don't really like the 68 personally, I didn't dig the change to the side scoop and the deluxe interior... who wants wood when you can have that slick brushed aluminum ?

    Then again that 69 sports roof look so sexy with its nice lines and that killer shoulder scoup. They were a little heaver but easier to fit bigger motors in so that takes care of that =)
  17. I think by far, a 65 coupe, silver, with torq thrust II's is nothing short of sex on wheels. The 65 mustang also not as long as the 67's, which for me is a good thing.
  18. 03 cobra =)
  19. ^^^^not really a classic lol