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  1. Yeah, one of these showed up at the Mustangs Plus show this past weekend. My wife didn't understand my fascination in the car. I couldn't understand it myself, but hey.....there's just something about it.:D
  2. I know what it is man...

    FORD knew how to make cars!!!!!

    And still does! ;)

    The styling points of the crome on a black 69 fastback are unbelievable...the chrome stands out so much it makes me hard...

  3. LOL....that's GHIA, you mook!
  4. You know, there is something to be said for the sheer beauty of a white Mustang II coupe with a white vinyl top, those chrome fake wire wheel covers on 13" rims that really gets me going. But seriously, I remember Dyno Don's Mustang II Pro/Stocker and always thought that style of car would look very wicked as a street car.
  5. 69 boss 429...yeah the black one would do.
    70 boss's are nice too but they forgot two headlamps.

  6. I am not in the least bit surprised you knew this. :rlaugh:

  7. when i get my 69 GT as my first car one of my best friends got a 78 Ghia as his first car. it was loaded, 302, automatic, ac, ps, pb, and of course all of the goodies a Ghia comes with.

    i had a 78 II with a 2.3, auto, ps, pb and ac and it was pretty well loaded as well even had a console and the clock on the passenger side. only thing it didn't have was a sunroof or the sport steering wheel. well, and a v8 of course
  8. A '78 King Cobra or Cobra II would make one helluva sleeper. Replace the smog era 302 with either a Boss 302 or a modern 347 stroker, it's already got the Mustang II rack and pinion conversion, and they don't weigh squat and have decent lines. Think of it this way, you would have a decent handling car with 400hp and the weight of a Pinto.
  9. Not to get off on a tangent, but does anyone remember the Mustang II IMSA racer of the late '70's? It was white with blue stripes and looked absolutely wicked. The nice thing about doing a Mustang II is that they're dirt cheap and fairly plentiful, at least around here? Why hasn't any of the Mustang II herd done a killer one like that?
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  11. around here a lot of the mustang II's have been crushed. i remember a wrecking yard here that had well over 75 of them all stacked, they ended up crushing every single one of them. they are very hard to find around here. i'd love to build another II. i always wanted to put an SVO turbo motor and 5 speed in my old II, i had already even swapped over to an 8" traction loc diff with 3.50 gears getting ready for the swap and i got hit by a flatbed truck that totalled the car.

    it was going to be a pro touring 4 banger car, how cool would that be?
  12. Hmmm, maybe I better get a decent Mustang II hatch and squirrel it away for a future project...
  13. Actually, I had a Ghia coupe as a winter beater once. Had the V-8, that was a requirement. Rack and pinion, PS & PB standard, most had air, it was a damn nice car to drive compared to most the 60s crap I owned then. Later on as a daily alternative to my 69 CJ Mach, I bought a 78, midnight blue fastback, tan interior, 4 speed, no goofy graphics or spoilers, and it also had a 302. I built about a 300hp motor for it, in the days of factory heads that was pretty good, and equipped it with 50 series Bridgestone RE71s. That car was pretty wicked, and a lot of guys told me that they hated Mustang IIs, but they loved mine. Had to sell it when they started smog inspections here. Good little car. Not my first choice, but a good little car. The fat sway bar snapped end links all the time, and 4 lug wheel selection sucks, of course. That tranny wasn't very durable either.
  14. I have to agree..
    I can see by your sig you are not biased either:lol:
    On a more serious note...
    I really love the 69 Mach bodies but I have a hard time getting over the fake woodgrain
    in the interior.. Kind of ruins it for me..

  15. i'm working on a plan to replace the fake wood with real wood veneer on my car.
  16. 74-78s take the cake for me, with the 71-73s close behind. after that the '82 GT then 03-04 Mach 1s and after that, its all about the same rankwise for me
  17. Do all of the Machs and Boss cars from 69 and 70 have the fake wood?
    The real wood veneer would look better but I just do not think that any wood real or fake looks good in a muscle car..
    Works in Jags,Bentleys and Rolls.
    I know it is what was happing with cars in that era...

    No offense intended just my opinion :nice:
  18. I like the fake wood. All Mach's had it, but Bosses didn't unless you ordered the deluxe interior. It's painfully cheap and easy to swap dashes to the black camera case finish, and since most people convert to woodgrain, you can find em painfully cheap.
  19. I personally love all of them for one thing or another, but the one I drive is my personal fav.



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  20. Dude tim that looks awsome man!!!!!