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  1. Is there a real purpose for this thread? I mean it's not like it's ever been brought up before. Seems sorta phishy....
  2. Best Mustang? mmmmm...I've had a bunch of 'em, and between the wife and I, we still have 4. But If I could pick one, and money wasn't an object, it would have to be a '67 Shelby GT500 fastback. Only year they came with factory dual quads. To this day I don't believe there has ever been a car with style, and lines like the '67 & '68 fastback Mustangs. Other than that......I LIKE 'EM All!!!!!!! :D
  3. I steppin in late here! But I have to go with the original pony cars in 65-66. It's tough to step on any of the years between 65-70 to make the statement though! From there a 70 Hemi Cuda would do me just fine:)
  4. It seems like all muscle cars in the 69-70's were just amazing....

    I also wouldent mind a 69 camaro in the garage :D

  5. treachery...larceny...banish him to the badlands
  6. It may be treachery but he does have a point. It's much easier to build a '67 and up Camaro than a '67 and up Mustang thanks to the fact that GM only used 2 basic platforms and engines (SBC, BBC). There are many times I wish the Mustang and the variety of engines had the interchangabilty that the Camaro does. Try building a 351C on a real budget vs. a SBC. Sure the Cleveland will ultimately make a ton more horsepower but it will cost comensurately more. That griping aside I wouldn't trade my Mustang for a Camaro or my Cleveland for a SBC, or BBC for that matter under any circumstance. Unless of course I could greatly profit from the venture, then have the funds to turn around and put back into another Mustang.
  7. Well said Pushrod!!!!1

    Iwould NEVER take no damn chebby over any ford or mustang...

    But i LOVE the lines and look of the 69 camaro :D

    Dont worry guys i bleed blue!!!!
  8. 1st car was a 65 mustang 289 coupe, traded that in and 2 grand for a yellow BOSS 302 back in 1972, sold that car in 81. Finally got the guts and money to buy this car in 2003...hands down the BEST Mustang in Mustang history. Timeless body lines, with the BOSS 302 engine that took a Trans-Am championship.

    My car..featured on the front cover of Mustang Monthly May, 1983.


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  9. Has to be the 67 Fastback! GT500 is just icing on the cake!
  10. Call me strange, but I never did like the looks of the early Camaro. The body style is very plain looking IMO.
  11. My favorite mustang of all times would have to be the only GT 500 super snake 427. Over 500 hp and the good looks of the shelby gt500. My favorite obtainable mustang is the 1967 mustang coupe looks good as a classic stocker or a restomod.
  12. Headlights are overrated. hehe. I would take some fake scoupes anyday... but that might be the half asian side of me talking.
  13. and the irony is that your FOX is a four-eye ;) LOL
  14. The 1965 Coupe with the 200 and C4. It's classic, economic, and is what I consider "America's Car." Came out swinging with the red, white, and blue on the emblem, and looks stylish as hell! I love my '65.
  15. My grandfather had restored a 64 1/2 mustang 289HO back in the early 80s and that is the car that turned me onto mustangs. If I really look at it, that style isn't really the most appealing, but there was something magical about it to me because of my history with one. When I turned 16, he would let me take it out for a few hours on Sat/Sun as long as I spent the hours it took to detail it out afterwards. Great memories.
  16. So do we see a new Grabber Orange car in the picture soon?
  17. :nice: