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  1. Yes, I ordered a 2007 Shelby coupe in grabber orange with white stripes. Should be delivered by Christmas. My son and daughter also have grabber orange 2007 Mustangs.
  2. Coming in late, I'll quote somebody else:

    "The 65-66 says 'Hi!'; the 67-68 says "Get the H3LL outta my way!"
    And I'll add that the 67-68 Shelby says "(BURP), you should have gotten outta my way" :D

    'Course, now I have to add that the 71-73 Moose-Stangs (and their even-larger Mercury cousins) could easily say "Surprise! Don't you feel stupid now?" :p
  3. Just my opinion,but all of the best looking Mustangs have 4 headlamps or fog lights in the grill looking like 4 eyes(even the new ones)

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  4. '70 Boss 302
    '69 Mach I
    '67 GT 350
    '68 C-code coupe :D
  5. 69 convertible with a 351c.
  6. P-51. :D J/K.

    Should have done a poll here. The price alone tells you that '69-'70's are the best!

    Give me any '69 or '70 fastback/sportsroof & I will be satisfied. Boss 302, Boss 429, Mach 1 .... any of them. I've always wanted a '70 Twister Special.

    On the '69 I like the side scoops ..... and for some reason I like the 2 lights + vents on the front end of the '70 better. I still can't decide if I like inset tail lights better or not, though.

    No '71-'78 Stangs really do it for me ... unless it's a Boss 351 ... and the Cobra II cars look okay.

    My 3 favorite's are all 2 consecutive years of production, lol.

    '69-'70 (any except regular coupes)

    '94-'95 (GT's, Cobra's, & Cobra R's)

    '03-'04 (Cobra's)

    BTW, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  7. Time you rethink that...

    Anyway, I like the 68-73 the best. Specifically, the 68 Shelby, 69 Mach1, the 70 Boss 302, and the 71 Boss 351. It would be a coin toss for me, hard to pin one down as my favorite.
  8. the 68 coupe..the steering wheel set up with that big hunk of stuff on the 67 makes me prefer the 68..
    also the quarterpanel indents .when i look at it on a 67
    makes me think it has been in a crash.other wise it is next after a 68....and coupe over fastback anytime...
  9. ps..that nice looking ss camaro looks needs another corral in the grill though and a horse....jk..nice car
  10. the 65 coupe with the 200 c4..yes good car..
    needs a few more horses 68 with the 200 3 speed runs good but like gut less..
  11. +1
  12. Well lets take a look...
  13. 1970 BOSS 302 Factory Trans-Am race cars.

    I've had a 10/10ths ride in one at a vintage meet. Totally UFB.
  14. Personaly I think that asking what mustang one likes the best is kinda like asking if one likes blond's or brunette's, personaly i would take either one, just as i would take any of these fine mustangs. But when it comes right down to it, if i had my choice of any, i would take a 1969 Super Cobra Jet Mach 1 with the 4.30 gears. As for the blonds vs brunettes, I like my brunettes, but everybody is different and they are all good :D
  15. hmmm, well if that's the case then i'm gonna say Chepie like REDHEADS because those Boss TA cars definitely have to be redheads, they're hot, they know it and they have a bad attitude!!!!

    personally, i'd take the Boss TA car as well, just make mine street legal with a full interior so i can take the girls cruising. LOL
  16. Had one of those! A monster, a screamer, and high-maintenance, just like a fashion queen. BUT, when she ran, no ride could equal it, even the Cobra. BRUTAL power, all motor. Just hang on as she bucked and snorted!:p

  17. ha, i knew it. i had one that was the same way, i sure don't miss her though but boy was it fun while it lasted. LOL
  18. I like em wild :nice: I love the abuse
  19. Hey Cheapie - looks like you've got a new protoge! :rlaugh:
  20. I'm still trying to train him on the other thread!