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Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by BABstangV6, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. I need opinions. I was thinking about a direct port system. I dont like the idea I just spraying into my intake pipe.

    I know of zex, nitrous express, NOS.

    I just need some help. I was looking at getting 50-75 shot.

    My car has 63,000 miles what should I do before I start spraying?
  2. Shoot Justin @ VMP (man, I am getting tired of typing that.. :D ) an email and talk to him about it. Actually, I think I saw a thread about htis type of thing @ V6power quite recently so you might get something there. Also, check our power adder forums here while you are looking.

    Dont you hate it when thats all the info someone chimes in with. :p
  3. just dont use zex
  4. I like NX the best. Quality kits and quit reliable according to one of my friends.
  5. My advice: save your money and buy something else.
  6. direct port is pretty expensive. y dont u do some mild engine upgrades first?
  7. I was planning on P&P intake, heads, exhaust manifold, then doing it.

    why u say buy something else ap1995v6?
  8. Why not Zex? Have you personally had a problem with them?
  9. more of a user beware type of kit...they are like the ricer fab it urself kit...the kind of kit where the person installing it throws away the FPS for weight savings...:nonono:. I would go with NX. They far outshine the competition and if you get it from justin, you can get it for quite a cheap price compared to retail.
  10. I just dont like nitrous. Any idiot can put nitrous on their car and say they're fast ;) Just like all the rejects around here. "Man! I just got my NOS, dawg! I'm some tight **** now!"

  11. Okay let me get this straight. U don't like Nitrous because it makes cars go fast?

    Now any idiot can slap a supercharger or turbo kit on their cars too. It takes knowlage to keep that same car running everyday.
    Biggest problem with nitrous is refills imo.
  12. No, I don't like nitrous because all the retarded ghetto ricers think it makes their cars equivalent to a supercar. I think its kind of cheating too, in a street car race. But whatever... I'd find something else to put on my car.
  13. A power adder is a power adder is a power adder. And it takes more than just "some idiot" to correctly and safely run a nitrous'd car. Nitrous in a street car is no more cheating than a blower or turbo. Hell, with a turbo, you can damn near dial as much boost as your motor will handle with an in-cab boost controller. Biggest problem with nitrous is tuning, imo. Refills would be a distant second. You blow the motor, there wont be a need for another refill. :)
  14. why dont you try venom nos kits, i have a nx kit, but always wanted to go with a venom kit for some reason. dont go direct port unless your going 150 shot or something. unless your comfortable with drilling holes in your manifold then go for it but other than that just get a wet kit, you wont have to worry about getting a new manifold if you decide to sell you car and want to take the kit out.