Best $$ on Edelbrock wheels (Eleanor style)

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  1. I'm looking for the Edelbrock 454 wheel similar to what was used on the movie car Eleanor. There are also similar wheels made by Halibrand (cobra), and Newstalgia(GT). Anyone found good deals on any of these ? I want to run 17x7 front, and 17x8 rear. Thanks
  2. carries the halibrand wheel. Go for 17x9 and 17x10.5 deep dish is a must with those. I think thats what i'm getting.
  3. I have a '65, so I can't go that wide. I did order a set from P.S. Engineering though in 17x7 and 17x8. Thanks !
  4. Halibrand has no knock offs?

    I don't see the knock offs (the center cap with 3 arms) on the Halibrand. I'm interested in this thread too, I'll probably go with the 454s, 17x8 all around. There was an earlier thread on this. Just to give a face to a name, I assume we're talking about this wheel:


    I'll see if I can find the cheapest place, I think I bookmarked it. That image is from at $289 per wheel. Hmm, no bookmark, but if you search the forums I think you'll find it.

  5. wow, i was wondering if anyone knew the origin of the wheels in question? these are all copies of the original Halibrand wheel that was used on cobras and gt40s back in the sixties. just thought i'd share that little bit of knowledge with those of you who didn't already know
  6. Just a little update on the 454s. The U.S. production run was shut down last year. My supplier informed me that Edelbrock was moving production over to china for the 454s :damnit: . The demand is high and Edelbrock should be shipping the wheels this month. Prices have reportedly come down to about $900 for a set, quality is yet to be seen. Just my 2 cents.
  7. wheels

    How about these wheels and tires?

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  8. i have 17x8s all around but u can fit up to a 9.5 on teh back as far as teh front goes 8 is the most you can go and my car is lowered 2 inches my car is a 67 fastback which is alittle diff then the 65 but id say go with 8s in the front n 9 in the baack n ull b fine oh i have ps enginering wheels on my car
  9. Unless you have got to have 17"'s buy some take off 05 V-6 premuim 16". Same look,cheap,spinner,cheap...oh said that one!! LOL


    Are they the American Racing rims?

    I sold my TT2s polished on our coupe because EVERYONE has them. And those seem to be a great next move.
  11. I was going to suggest the same, too bad they are 16s. I like the appearance of the V6 wheels over both of the GT wheels. My '05 has the "Bright Machined" wheels, if the V6 ones were 17s I'd be swapping em out.

    Check this auction...wheels/tires/spinners...set of four for the price of just one halibrand rim....yeesh!
    ...if only they weren't 16s.
  12. I like the new V6 wheels too, but they just don't have any depth, and they only come in 16's. I'll try to find a better pic of the P.S. Engineering wheel. I ordered mine without spinners, and was able to get 17x7 fronts and choose my backspacing. Both of those I could not do with Edelbrocks (when they were available !). The only current manufacturer I found was PSE.
  13. Im lost

    Im lost never saw zoolander :shrug: The wheels are 17x8 for my fronts and the rear's are 17x9.5
    They Fit on my 68.
  14. Sorry, it was a "you had to be there" - I was referring to the model car next to it. Thanks for the tip on the 9.5s, though, :nice: I am pretty much set on the 454s but was bumming about the 8" limitation. I will probably end up getting one of those custom 9.5s or so on the back. I have a '70 (obviously) and that should work. Maybe 275 rubber on the back. I would love to find a way to fit 9.5s on the front. :scratch:

    Unique charges an arm and a leg but they seem to have a talent for putting out exactly what I want. I've got their coilovers, and the installation is almost finished.
  15. I bought a set from P.S. Engineering in Calif. 15x8 front & 15x10 rear $1590.00 shipped. 17's are I think the same price and that price inclues the knock off, and if you need a special offset, they do it.
  16. bringing back the dead

    frankensteining this old thread - I just called Custom Wheels Direct, who have them for a price of about $220 per wheel but they won't have them for another week or two. They've been saying that for a couple of months, though. I am worried, though, that these are not the Eleanor/Unique Performance GT500E. I called today and they said that they are exactly the same as in their picture here:

    but what I really want is the GT500E wheel pictured above. I like the polished, flat "arms" and the grey painted insides of the windows. I called Unique Performance today to check on their availability but had to leave a message. They're also $70 more.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the Custom Wheels website is wrong and these actually look like the GT500E wheel - they both are supposedly sourced from China now. I wish that I wanted the Team 3 style wheel but I just like the GT500E/454 better. Rather spend my money in the states but I just like the look of this one better.

    Kind of sucks waiting for these and not knowing what the cheaper one is really gonna look like. :nonono:
  17. Whats the number for PS Engineering or their website? I have a set of four real Edelbrock 454's for sale with Falken 245/45/17's with an extra 5th wheel as a spare since they are hard to come along (have all the spinners). They have only been on rolling chassis cars.

    I need the same style but in a 18" and wider diameter. Does PSE make them in 18's?