Best $$ on Edelbrock wheels (Eleanor style)

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  1. you'll drive yourself nuts

    trying to get Phil's number. Look on a Cobra forum for it, I forget what it is offhand. Apparently he is only there in the mornings. You can get his wheels from Unique Performance as well.

    Have you looked at Team 3?

    very very similar to Phil, but cheaper, US made, custom wheels. I WANT YOUR WHEELS! PM me.

  2. I found some "knock off" 454 wheels in 17" chromed for $900 bucks,i just need to find the business card :(
  3. I'll have to watch the movie again - there are many Halibrand (?) style wheels out there - PSE, Team 3, Edelbrock 454, maybe more. All have slight differences. But what Unique sells as the "Eleanor" wheel is the Edelbrock 454 with gray inside/polished outside as in 4musclemachines' post above.

  4. Yes, some guy on ebay was selling knockoffs and labeling them Edelbrocks but they do not look as cleanly machined or cast as real Edelbrocks. There were many being auctioned but I cannot find them anymore...maybe eBay removed the auctions.
  5. the actual eleanor movie car wheels are the PSE wheels.the e'brocks are just a cheaper alternative and they are (or were?) originally made by ultra wheels.
    but if you really want to get picky the halibrands were the wheel that everyone was copying in the first place
  6. I bought a set of these from Coy's Custom wheel & tire. They advertise them on ebay as a C-67 wheel. $200.00 each with the spinners, they are a 17 x 8 with 4.75 backspace.

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  7. those are the guys that had them for 900 bucks chromed.
  8. man, thanks

    I just placed the order for them in 17x8 front, 17x9 rear. They should work out great, and they seem to have specifically developed them to have a little more backspace than the 454s for Mustang applications on earlier '65-66 models. We'll see how they look and mount up . . .

    THANKS 4funfords, they look perfect, great ordering experience and they have 'em in stock.

  9. Coy's C-67 review/gush

    For those who were wondering if a 275 tire will fit on the front of a '70 - no frickin' way. I had rims that were hitting the UCA with a 5/16" spacer pushing them out towards the fender and even that looked like the 275 would not clear.

    The Coy's look great. Shameless plug for the company. They came in 2 days by Fed Ex, are $20 cheaper than Custom Wheels Direct for the Edelbrock 454s, and $89 less than Unique Performance's GT500E 454 wheel. They even have a more appropriate BS (4.75 in a 17x8) for our cars than the Edelbrocks, and they have a 17x9, 5.5 bs at only $20 more. The packaging was excellent. If you are into this style of wheel, these guys deserve your money. Only downside, a small one, is that the arms inside were a little flatter than I think the 454 is. There's less depth in there under the polished face if you follow me. But that's very minor.

    Here are the day's photos - my camera was acting up, not my best:

    Those 275s feel great back there, hard to light up the tires now. I returned my other 275 tires to Costco and they are ordering me the next size down in the Bridgestone RE750, a 245/45/17. Hopefully I'll have all 4 on in a week.
    Thanks AGAIN 4funfords for this tip. Stangnet comes through again! And thanks 4musclemachines for the offer of the Edelbrocks - hope I didn't waste too much of your time man, I didn't know about these until the last minute.
  10. I don't have a '70, I have a '65, so this question is purely for ****s and giggles. I know that you wanted a 275 on the front. First, are your front fenders rolled? Second, there is a thread on this forum wherein Darkbudha discussed grinding a little edge off of the ball joints to get a wheel to fit. Would a very slight amount of grinding of the UCA have allowed the wheel to fit? Don't get me wrong, I'm not sure if I'd want to mess with the structural integrity of the UCA, but if it was only a very slight amount off of a rounded area of the UCA, it probably wouldn't hurt a thing or could be compensated for with a little welding. Just curious as to how close the fit was and whether it would be possible with a little modification. I have a buddy with a '70 Mach and Cobra R's who I'm sure would be interested.
  11. it was pretty bad

    even with a 5/16" spacer. I was afraid to really lower the car for fear of cracking or damaging sdfthe rim from the force that would up being applied there. So I didn't see the 275 hit the fender up close, but it sure looked like it would. Non-rolled fenders, but even so it would be tough. The Trans-Am Boss 302s basically had 292s up front but I can't figure out how. :shrug:

    I think you would have to take too much metal off of my (Unique Performance) coilovers to get that 17x9 w/5.5bs to not rub.
  12. hey do you still have that set of 5 PS Engineering eleanore wheels? i belive you sayed they are 17's