Best Overall Spark Plug ?

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  1. Hello all,

    What's everyone's opinion on the best spark plug for a daily driver on 93 Octane?

  2. The most basic copper plug you can find. Avoid hype, avoid anything that has "split" or "fire" or "platinum" or anything referring to enhanced performance. That is assuming the engine is stock, but then if it's stock why are you running 93?
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  3. I agree.. Copper plugs all the way. My motor is stock with the timing bumped, that's the only reason I run 93
  4. I've hear good things about NGK, but is there a part number I should be looking for that is best for us?

    Not a stock motor, heads, intake, exhaust and all the other bolt on goodies.

  5. depends on your heads different heads use different plug seats and different reach's...
  6. sorry about that. I have Twisted Wedge heads.
  7. stock short block?
  8. id go with an NGK 3924 with out knowing your overall compression. im pretty sure thats the one for a stock heat range plug
  9. thanks for all the help bud.
  10. no problem...

    like i said im pretty sure thats the correct heat range but not 100%. im sure some one will correct me if im wrong
  11. Hard to beat the tried and true Autolite copper plugs. Agree avoid the "hi performance" Splitfire, E3, or platinum plugs. Pure waste of money and I've seen them foul more times than I can count. Even on my blown or nitrous cars I went with colder autolites and never had a problem.
  12. Buy the cheap ones, replace them often. If you get bored, look into indexing and strap modifying...If nothing else I've found some pretty significant improvements in throttle response on my car by using both.
  13. Ive heard of indexing but not strap modifying, more info please?
  14. Y
    You can cut back the strap to the middle of the electrode to help project the "flame". If you look at a true racing plug they have short ground straps
  15. ahh, seems like ive heard that called side indexing.
  16. NGK is the OEM plug for Nissan/Infiniti. They are good quality plugs. They also make copper versions, in addition to platnium and iridium.

    With a stock fox Mustang, i'd recommend copper. Most of the time, i'll say get copper OEM motorcraft plugs.

    BTW Motorcraft and Autolite split ways in the 60's. Their plug machines are the same, but they are not the same plug despite looking identical. I've "heard" that the motorcrafts plugs specs are tighter than Autolite
  17. Motorcraft sp-450. No reason to spend more money on spark plugs unless you're running forced induction or a radical n/a setup.
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