Engine Best performance per dollar parts?

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  1. I'd think that 4.10 gears and nitrous would be the biggest bang for buck bolt ons, but what else offers good performance for the amount spent? Only things i can currently think of are underdrive pulleys, radials, cai, exhaust, and tune.

    Basically, what are the parts I should look into getting first, in order of what I should get first to last?

    Sorry if this has already been posted, I searched and looked at the faq with no luck.
  2. Straight line? Gears, full exhaust, radials, full suspension.
  3. Yeah, for now I'm gonna refine and work on what the Mustang is known for, straight line performance, but I see myself adding sub frames and other handling based parts later.
  4. Skip the under drives. Gears and suspension are always good. Maybe a throttle body and exhaust
  5. So far on my car I've got CAI, Tune, LT headers, O/R X pipe, Flowmaster catback, and a aftermarket shifter (was in the car when I bought it) but the biggest difference I've noticed in the car would be my LT's and tune. The CAI I didn't notice any difference at all except for a deeper exhaust note.
  6. Gears by far
  7. Gears and long tube headers provide the most noticable gains. Also a tune.
  8. Any of you guys know about how much it would cost me to get a pair of 4.10's installed?
  9. In my area it's about $250 in labor plust the cost of arts
  10. I'd budget for about $415-$450 for everything, depending on the gears. I have Motive 4:10 gears and they have been stout for me. You might as well get the full installation kit for the rear end, change the axle seals too since you'll have the axles out.
  11. Sub frames and tq boxes
    Gears and better diff/axles
    Full exhaust and spray(if that is you want)

    In that order
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  12. Ill install them for 180$. I live in okc. Get frpp gear set from summit, two bottles of gear oil and go to ford and buy a bottle of friction modifier.
  13. Alright brotha I'll def take you up on that offer.
    Do you have a # I can contact you at?
  14. So many times Ive read the responses and didnt want to believe it but its true. Save save save your money and buy a power adder - Nitrous may look affordable right now but filling up that bottle every week for $60-80 adds up fast - not to mention unsafe to use on the streets. All the bolt ons will surely make a 4.6 perform the way it should of from the factory but at a huge cost. Long tube headers are around $500 and step 1 to installing them is remove the K-member! Plan on a weekend for the DIY garage guy to install these or paying a garage close to a grand to install them for you. My advice is pick up a programmer to wake up the computer. Then Id get a set of FRPP gears 4.10's are perfect. The stock brakes in these cars are terrible so please pick up a set of cobra front rotors and calipers before adding any hp. Then you could add an exhaust while you save for your used supercharger.
  16. 150 wet shot/rune and a set of MT or BFG drag radials.
  17. You didn't mention a budget, so I'll say blower.

    At about $20/hp, it's about the best bang for the buck you're gonna get (outside of nitrous). Skip the little bolt on crap with a modular motor that together isn't gonna do much more than drain your wallet. I've been down this road before and I'll tell you right now, you'll be disapointed in the results with the pidly stuff. You'll spend $1,000 in bolt on's to pick up a measly 20hp.

    Save up until you're able to afford something worth while and it'll bring a bigger smile to your face than any combination of throttle body, intake, or set of headers will give you.
  18. +1 with Gearbanger 101.

    I only suggested nitrous as it is cheap. A blower is a great choice. I've had 4 blowers on my 3 different 2v mustangs and 3 corvettes. Blowers absolutely scream. If you plan on keeping it simple, I'd go with a PD blower, since the 4.6 2v is an absolute tark turd. It makes very little tark, thus the reason we have all geared the crap out of our cars. If you ever plan to build the motor, go with a centri blower so that you have room to grow and the tark will be offset by the pull from 3500rpm up.
  19. i say gears cold air and lt headers thats what i got getting it dyno tuned soon i will share numbers
  20. the headers suck if you do them your self.....trust me get the ford laminated steel gaskets 125 bucks but well worth it