Best place to buy 03-04 Cobra front bumper

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  1. Where do you guys think is the best place to get a 03/04 Cobra front bumper complete. I want to run it with a Cervinis Cobra R hood. Thanks, Tyler
  2. Why not just get both from Cervini's, if you're set on their hood?
  3. I got it on ebaaaaaaaay. Pershing auto is the sellers name. fit great
  4. Cevinis makes the bumper the tryly fits with a GT type fitting hood. Other wise, you have to mod the bump and thats kinda gay imo. I have the full cobra front end. Hood and all from ford. Looks stupid when a stock cobra hood gets tucked under a hood.

  5. huh?
  6. I think it's gay to pay to much for car parts. You're right, it would look stupid to tuck a hood under a hood lmao.

    The cervinis and ford stuff is too f'ing expensive! You don't have to modify the bumper ,you modify the header panel that the bumper attach's too.

    I bought a stalker hood about 7.5 years ago. Before the 03 cobra was introduce. Modifying the header panel allowed it to mount up nice with the 03 cobra bumper, and took a whole 20 mins.


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  7. Ok thanks guys, I didn't realize Cervinis made the bumpers too.
  8. I didn't buy my bumper from cervinis I just wanted be clear on that.

    I don't even think the make an 03 cobra bumper, just their version of the 03 hood. I think cervini stuff is pretty nice, Just not worth what they charge,
  9. Yeah, I guess I misread the above posts, thought Cervinis made the bumper too. So let me ask again, where is the best place to get an 03 cobra bumper? The cervinis version of the cobra hood is called the heat extractor, correct?
  10. Ebay for the bumper, and 50resto for the extras.
  11. I am getting the Bumper from a local ford dealer for 670 with everything if you find a better place to get one let me know!

    I called a couple places on-line and they were more expensive for the factory stuff.
  12. wow.. 670 im hoping thats with install and paint
  13. Definitally don't get it anywhere but the ford dealer. The bumper was around 300 when I bought mine.
  14. Yea I figure you get what you pay for. and I'd rather pay the extra $$ to get quality stuff!
  15. Most of the bumpers on ebay are fiberglass as well.

  16. really:rolleyes: and how much should this cost:shrug:
  17. tree fiddy:shrug:

  18. well thats how much a front bumper cover is:D
    then you need 2 fog light bezels, chin spoiler, 2 fog lights, 2 pigtails for the fogs and hardware...that all adds-up