Best place to buy 03-04 Cobra front bumper

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  1. modifying your header panel

    can you please tell me how you modified the header panel on the 03 cobra nose to fight the stock hood size. [email protected]

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  2. header panel

    Please describe how you moified the header panel on the 03 cobra nose
    [email protected]
  3. YES! its called the heat extractor hood:nice:
  4. All you do is redrill the hole for the bumper a 1/2 inch back from the original. IIRC thats how we did mine.

    Heres how mine turned out with a Cervinis 95 style Cobra R hood.


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  5. im sorry what is the (IIRC)
  7. If I Remember Correctly.

    Jivepepper, front bumper looks great even if aftermarket haters think it's not quality.

    I've seen a few of the aftermarket 03-04 Cobra bumpers and you can't tell the difference from stock. I know the 94-98 Cobra bumpers (aftermarket) aren't nearly as good fitting. For those saying the aftermarket stuff is crap show examples of bad installs for that particular bumper cover. Some years they get dead on and others can have problems but you can't group them all together. Oh and aftermarket reproduction bumpers are not fiberglass that's for body kits and half breed bumpers like that snow shovel mutant 99 Cobra bumper that Steeda made. You know the one that is usually hanging or ripped from people hitting parking stops or small animals.