Best Place to Buy Ford's ESP

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  1. I've done some searches here but I'm still not sure of a good place to buy Ford's Extended Service Plan. There don't seem to any member dealers on Mustang sites that offer ESP at a discount for members. The local dealers have quoted me "gouge city" prices. I've found some seemingly reasonable prices online. But it would be nice to have a recommendation from guys here that have bought from them.

    Any recommendations besides "don't buy ESP it's a waste of money"?

  2. There is a Ford dealer that offers great discounts to Sport Trac owners. I don't remember his name, it might be Rusty. I believe the site is
  3. Thanks for the reply. I went to the site and didn't have any luck searching......:(
  4. Nobody has bought ESP?
  5. I did when I bought the car from my dealer. Cost me 1600 dollars... I don't know what they are charging for a slightly used car that they didn't sell though and have no idea about a vendor to do so at sorry :( How much are they trying to charge you for it?
  6. I did a search and apparently Rusty's dealership no longer offers deals to the Sporttrac folks.
    Your Ford dealer can discount the price to you. I would also search on line. I know there are some Ford dealers that offer good internet prices. It has been too long since I searched for the prices.