best plenum?

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  1. so the aftermarket has now been flooded with aftermarket plenums for our 2v's. Which one makes the most power??? Oh and would a plenum or throttle body benifit me more? (cant afford both right now)
  2. modular depot has a write up with dyno's. get an sct tune first, it will yeild more gains than a plenum/tb.
  3. warranty is unfortunatly an issue and i thick a sct tune will void it (not for sure, well have to check my inside hookups and ford) With my mods do you honestly think a sct would benifit me all that much?
  4. And to add to what John said, the plenum would benefit you more than the TB alone - a TB upgrade alone would do next to nothing. The Accufab is the best and most expensive plenum.
  5. Accufab Plenum AND TB
  6. accufab plenum, TB and get a diablo predator you can put your original tune in when you go in for warranty work
  7. get the sct tune or whatever you prefer, if you use a flasher set up you can set it back to stock when you have warranty work done. it will be the same money as a plenum/tb setup and give you more power, the timing adjustment alone will give you more power than a tb/plenum setup
  8. accufab scores the highest in mdepot forum testing...

    get a good tune and you're good to go
  9. so i dont need any more bolt ons? just a tune?
  10. I have a hand ported factory plenum with a accufab 75mm TB on it, I think Im going to get the matching plenum later on as the money comes in. As I recall someone (MM&FF?) did a test and found the Accufab 70mm TB and matching plenum made the most power.
  11. My ported "Dragon" Plenum was worth 9 rwhp and 11 rwtq.

    Before 1/4 mile (average of 3 runs)[email protected]

    After 1/4 mile (average of 4 runs)[email protected] (my car is the "Real World Results" car)
  12. You wouldn't happen to have any pics of the Dragon intake on your car would you?

    What about the missing support on the Dragon intake is it not needed?

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  15. I think most of the differences in the plenum choices are looks and price. The differences in HP are pretty negligable unless you are looking for EVERY little bit you can get. In that case, go for the accufab combo. I on the other hand will prolly just get a Trick flow or C&L because my car is just a fun little street car, not a race gas drinking track machine.
  16. I was thinking about the TF plenum, but can it be used with the stock TB....and also I have heard that plenums have caused idle problems, is this true with the TF?Thanks.
  17. the sct tune will yeild better gains than any of the other stuff right now

  18. No problems with my Accufab plenum and TB had it on for two months along with a custom tune from my Diablo predator
  19. I love my Accufab 75mm TB and Plenum. I got them used for a good price but I was going to get them anyway. The TB is a thing of beauty on the inside, not nearly as rough as the stock. I dropped from a 14.028 to a 13.608 (good air that day) but got her to a 13.828 with weather that was similar to the 14 day. But I also think that the SCT tune would get you more and you can always update it as you add more things. The SCT tune is next thing I will do after I get my exhaust. Either are very good and I dont think the order really matters.
  20. i know that from my corrections the plenum and throttle body didnt give me anything close to what a crappy off the shelf superchip did, i can only imagine what i would gain with an sct tune