Best Price on Magnaflow??

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  1. Title says it all....I know everyone says partshopper, but i was looking at the prices and 496 for Magnapacks....the price has gone up hey. anyone know where i can get a good deal on them, or how to get a better price at Partshopper??
  2. yea wondering the same thing..
  3. Partshopper will comp prices that you find. Give 'em a try. They are good people. :)
  4. Gotta tell ya, it's partshopper. They'll meet or beat any price on Magnaflow. Call them to get the best price. Got my X-pipe from them and the price was great.

    Here's the link to the discount codes:
  5. Thanks Alot that discount code is what i have been looking for...i saw it on here awhile back but couldn't find it again....Thanks Again:nice:
  6. Geez no kidding...I paid 319 for mine less than a year ago
  7. i got mine for 330 shipped to my door off of ebay but thats kinda rare.... but that $100 off is a damn good deal on partshopper.
  8. I don't think i can get it since I'm Canadian, I tried to make an account but there is no place to put your canadian postal code or Province?? So I guess were ineligable?? I left an email for them so i'll find out for sure, but it isn't very str8 forward for us canadians??:(
  9. don't know if i am supposed to post this here, but Complete Exhaust will just about beat any price out there on Magnaflow. i just called them myself today, the kit that retails for $469.00, if you are a member of any mustang forum, as we all are, they discount the hell out of them for you. the price they quoted me was $364.00 shipped to North Carolina. the kit itself is $339.00 with about 25 figured in for the shipping. not too shabby...i do believe they are the cheapest, and it is the stainless systems that they sell, not the cheaper aluminized ones, not that those are bad, but who wouldn't want a shiny system versus the dull aluminized?
  10. has been sent.

    McQueens: Partshopper will not be beat on Magnaflow - Period :nice:
  11. This site is owned by partshopper, so if you like using this shop partshopper.

    I bought my magnaflow exhaust here and it was at my door in like 2-3 days. Great company, great service.
  12. Sorry. hit enter one too many
  13. I heard that somewhere once before, but I'm still waiting for a response to my PM. ;)

    .....haven't found anyone that could beat these prices on exhaust parts yet? :shrug:
  14. Well I'm out of the office this weekend Gear, but when I get back at my desk I'll grab the price sheet for your part numbers - I have received quite a few PMs lately.

    (...bear in mind you are piecing together an exhaust system to create your own, so I'd recommend to be absolutely sure those part numbers you need are correct before ordering. :nice: )
  15. I'll double check them today. :)
  16. PartShopper, $355.00 to the door. Ordered MagnaPack cat back today, GREAT COMPANY and friendly people!!!!! they beat my the offer i was given the other day, now that's customer service!!!!!!
  17. :nice: good price.

  18. WOW....thats a great price if that includes shipping....i sent them an email, just waiting on a response, hope i get close to that, i want packs catback as well, but i'm in Canada so with the added shipping i may pay a bit more i figure, but still better then anywhere else i'm sure.

    got my o/r X pipe coming just waiting for a return email on those packs (Hint Hint):D