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Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 87Mustang351, Jun 6, 2010.

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  1. hey guys i have a 04 cobra svt , i lost my licence 10 days after i bought it...i know im a idiot but after 2 years im finally gonna get to drive it again!!!... anyways when i bought it it had mickey thompson drag radials on it 275/40s or 45s i cant remeber off hand im away working right now but its on stock rims and i was wondering what would be my best street and traction tire that will get some wear, i plan to be driving it alot this summer and dont wanna change out tires after 3500 km like the mickeys also what size i can fit on the rim without it looking to stupid or having to roll my fender...thanks! im a newbie at this all over again i kinda grew away from it when i couldnt drive it anymore but im getting the bug again!

    sorry for the messy post im just heading to bed and rushing

  2. I always ran Mickey drag radials on my Cobras for the best traction, although the Nittos I tried lasted the longest....
  3. I have the Nto5r now and they don't work that great on the street and they are alright at the track but I am going to buy mickey thompson or m&h drs next.
  4. Who would've ever thought anyone would reply Nittos and MTs on this thread?
  5. Drag radials will get you killed on the street and no offense but if you lost your license only two years ago odds are you are not mature enough to be running DRs or even driving a Cobra for that matter. Good luck, please consider becoming an organ donor.
  6. haha wow, looks whos mature for posting something like that to someone i had a mustang ever sence i was 16 and my car has Mt drag radials on it and i drove it just fine you stupid ****....i got drunk and dont remeber getting in my car and lost my licence now i have them back and dont need to listen to your stupid childish comments...go get ****ed you piece of ****
  7. Thank you for proving my point sir, have a fun and safe 4th of July. I have also had a Mustang since I was 16, do we get cookies or something?
  8. 87Mustang351 & Kilgore Trout :

    Knock off the bickering. If you want to bypass the swear filters and/or make snide comments to one another, please take it to PM or e-mail instead.


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