Best Remote Tuner?

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  1. The motor is broken in and it's now time to get the final tune on the car. The nearest competent dyno tuner is almost 400 miles away so I am looking into the option of remote tuning using datalogging.
    Im leaning towards Justin Starky at VMP. Any other recommendations? Who knows their :poo: when it comes to forged/blown 99-04 2V GT's?
  2. Dude, with the amt of $ u put in your car, I would just drive the 400 miles... I would really hate to see u post a thread that the motor let go while you were doing wot pulls on either a dyno or on the street because the tune wasn't dialed in correctly. The first time my car was tuned the drive ability sucked because dude liked to tune on Thursdays only... So he didn't work on part throttle parameters. The second tuner spent over 6 hours tweaking it, and even with the cams it drives like a stock vehicle. It's amazing... I don't foresee a remote tuner being able to dial a car in like that.
  3. Well my startup tune is pretty good (Thanks to Justin @ VMP). The a/f looks good and all. A remote tune is essentially the same thing as a dyno tune.....but without the dyno. I would be using a laptop, SCT livelink, and datalogs to send to the tuner (the same thing a tuner uses on the dyno). The difference being that the tuner gets to have as much time as needed to dial in the tune based off the datalogs while he only has a certain amount of time in a live dyno tune (because of cost). For around $400, I would get as many retunes as it takes for the tuner to feel comfortable with the car.
  4. And my motor is, for the most part, bomb-proof now.
  5. I also don't agree with the remote tuner idea. It might run half decent, but I doubt it will run as good as if it were dyno tuned.
  6. I'd agree that you can get the tune pretty close via remote tuning, but it will take WAY more time and effort than it would if the tuner was able to sit in the car himself. Think about it: you have to get the tune from tuner, load it up, go datalog (might take a while when you consider job schedule, weather, traffic, etc.) send tune back to tuner, wait for him to get around to it (also might take a while depending on when you send it and how busy he is), and repeat. All to do something that would take 10 minutes on a dyno.

    I don't think there's anything wrong with it, but don't be fooled into thinking it will be a quick and easy process. I'll bet you spend more time datalogging and waiting for changes to be made than you would have if you drove the 400 miles to the tuner.

    Also don't be fooled into thinking a motor is bomb proof. Run it lean enough or run it through enough detonation, and things will break, regardless of how strong it is.