Best Setup With 89 Motor For Blowzilla 2.1

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  1. Need Feedback on the performance and best setup with 89 motor for Blowzilla 2.1
  2. What do you want to know? Kind of a general question. In generalities you'll need fuel system,ignition,heads and exhaust upgrades. I also would do a custom cam.
  3. I just bought one was working to get the best setup with stock 302, cobra intake and heads from 93 and 24lb injectors.
  4. Does the KB you picked up have the by-pass? If not you should definitely install one. It will drop the intake temps by 70+ degrees F. Here's what my by-pass looks like.

    Bypass-01.JPG Bypass-01.JPG
  5. I'm pretty sure that all the KB setups for the Windsor had a bypass except for the 1.7L (?) kit that they had many moons ago.

    The Blowzilla kit had a black aluminum pipe with the bypass valve in it while the Flowzilla kit had an internal bypass. All of the 2.1 and 2.2 liter kits had an integral bypass.