Best sounding and flowing exhaust system for 5.0 ? 2.5" 3" ??

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by superdutyt5, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. Does anyone know where I could find a web site where I can listen to the difffernt sounds of mufflers/exhaust systems. My flotech exhaust I realized was like only a 2" or mabye even 1 5'8s or something horribly restrictive and I must get a new one so my motor and flow better. What size do you recomend and brand etc. Some people say 3" would be ok because I have got the weight "Under 2800 lbs" down further so I could give up some torque for more higher end horsepower. 2.5" - 3" sounds good to me. what do you all think ? Flowmaster, edelbrock,dynomax,borla, ?
  2. You need alot of power to have 3' exhaust. bigger the exhaust the more backpressure you lose.
  3. ya thats true... 2.5 will do then :)
  4. that is one of the best videos i have seen on sn. your car is a real bad a**. nice job.
  5. I have.....MAC longtubes...custom o/r x-pipe....dynomax race bullets..all 2.5 inch.

    Probably wont find a higher flowing setup than that for 2.5 and 1 5/8 headers....sounds unreal at WOT

  6. which mufflers did he have on that stang anyway ? I think I want to go that sound :)
  7. Spintech Pro Streets I believe.
  8. talk about nasty car was pretty stock...full mac exhaust...maf,TB and a TFS intake...thats thats what i was used to...but after installing 400+ cubes with more compression...and a farly health cam...and 3 inch mac exhaust with dumps...i was walken around the garage with my a$$ cheeks clenched for quite some time after first hearing it LOL

    at idle mind sounds alot like falcons car..but deeper and more rumbly...and when i rev it its not so high pitched and screachy...probubly cause of the Mac mufflers and the engine size? dunno
  9. i have always like the way a full mac setup sounds on all my cars and trucks i run mac exhaust but on my mustang 2.5 is way more then enough you only need 3 inch for over 500 horsepower. but the exhaust setup i would run would be mac 1 5/8 headers long tube, mac prochamber, mac cat back system with 2.5 tips or 3.5 it is up to you
  10. Flowmaster's web site has sound clips on it
  11. Ya but I have heard some bad things about how restrictive flowmasters are.
  12. True the DRONEMASTERS are very restictive versus the newer mufflers that are now out........DONT BE AFFRAID OF THE DYNOMAX RACE BULLETS .......if you want not-restrictive!
  13. which site has a sound-clip of the dynomax race bullets?
  14. Also has the ultra flow welded clip on a stang with an x-pipe.

    I had the ultraflows and the race bullets are a little louder and sound better at an idle but it will give you a very close idea.
  15. As far as flow goes. You can take about 10 brands of muffler and dyno them and you will only see about a 5 hp difference between them. So flow isn't really that different across the board.

    Straight through mufflers will obviously flow better than a chambered muffler.

    As for sound. I have heard pretty much all of the mufflers out there and for the my money nothing beats the sound of Bassani. The sound is not as harsh as some of the other mufflers out there. Its a deeper growl and much smoother sounding than anything else I have heard.