Best sounding and flowing exhaust system for 5.0 ? 2.5" 3" ??

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by superdutyt5, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. No worries BILLETUNDIES.

    I thought that it was legal exhaust. My bullets are just raunchy when I jump on my car.

  2. What kind of mufflers and set up does this white 5.0 have ? And what was up with those bullits on that one car it wasnt even loud at all ?

  3. Dont think the car with the bullits had O/R exhaust.
  4. dont know what he had..but ill say again..when i had my full mac exhaust..LT,offroad H and mac catback at idle mine was about that loud and just a bit louder when i got on it...IMHO if it had cats/legal exhaust it would be alot quiter then that...wish i could remember where i got those

  5. Ya but that car wasn't that loud though. Oh well it's not like it matters. I know my bullits are really loud. They scream WOT.
  6. do u think they are louder than 1 chambers?
  7. I think it would be a toss up. But with the flowmasters you get that god awful drone. Dynomax has no drone at all.
  8. Some decent sound videos of a 94 w/several different catbacks and then X pipe w/o cats. Muffler tests include FM40's, Pypes V-Force, DynoMax SuperTurbo, DynoMax UltraFlow.
  9. Magnaflow catback, BBK offroad x pipe, BBK ceramic coated 1 3/4 inch headers, stock engine:scratch:.

  10. I run the ST's with 6" angled turn downs and people who hear it are surprised ST's can sound like the ones in this link

    Take away the blower sound and just a *slight* deeper sound of that .mpg and thats exactly what mine sounds like even thru 2 HF cats. cam idle is nearly identical also. I have no 2k drone, can talk to the pass at a normal level, but at WOT, it's more than loud enough.

    Remember, it's your entire motor setup that determines the overall sound, not just the mufflers & exhaust system.

    Hope this helps
  11. how much are the bullets? just wondering, im lookin for new exhaust on my 89 and have been checkin out this post for a while tryin to figure out which one is best and its almost unanymous that the bullets are the loudest?

  12. They are the cheapest muffler on the planet......$31 at JEGS OR SUMMIT.

    Can't beat that!!!
  13. also....does anyone have a clip of a 5.0 with shorties, O/R h-pipe and the bullets on a stock engine? just wondering what it will sound like on my car
  14. They would sound good. Trust me.
  15. alright, definetly gonna get them....flowmasters just arent loud enough anymore...thanks mike

  16. Did you have 2 chambers?
  17. umm....i think...i got the car with the american thunder cat back on whatever that is
  18. Ya they are prolly 2 are going to be SMILING
  19. awesome...ive been lookin for something to make my car louder. i hope my 1.7s make it sound better also. even though i wont get much power from them