***Best sounding exaust set-up?***

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  1. alright everyone lets hear it, what is the best meanest sounding exaust set-up that you can put on a 3.8 v6 mustang. Opinions wanted.. thanks
  2. my personal opinion are MAC mufflers with an o/r MAC H-pipe. But that's just my opinion. It's a 6 so it'll never sound like an 8, but it sounds pretty mean until you get over 3500 rpm's, then it starts to get kinda loud and raspy. But it turns heads, and that's what I want :nice:
  3. dont get mac its crap :notnice: (you get what you pay for). if you want something that sounds half way decent then go with borla or bassani. but its your choice :shrug: IMO just sell the 6 banger and get an v8 :D

  4. Apparently you haven't heard one of our moderators LsRedy2kStang have you? That thing sounds badass, even beat out some of the competition on some little test that they did (Cobras and GT's). I'm actually going with MAC L/T's to MAC O/R H-pipe, to either spintech or Magnaflow mufflers with side exits on both sides. I am pretty damn sure no one has this setup, so who knows what it'll sound like. One things for sure, it'll be crisp as hell.
  5. I have a MAC and put up to friends with flowmaster 40's it's just as deep of a growl if not deeper...plus its a much higher flow rate giving you better mpg :)
  6. Yea, I've never heard any negative comments about my MACs.

    I'm sure Borlas might sound a LITTLE better, but they cost A LOT more.
  7. I was browsing the flowmaster site today and i ran onto this product:


    and i was impressed from the advertisement. i then logged onto summit racing and found out i could purchase this for around 109 bux including shipping. This would make it cheaper then the 40 series delta flowmaster muffler and it's suppose to be better then it so its like a "win-win" situation! haha. So what do u guys think of this muffler?
  8. I thought the 40 series were cheaper. Either way, over $200 for a set of Flowmasters is too much.
    IMO, MAC Flowpaths are better than Flowmasters and you can get a pair for around $120 shipped.
  9. Don't buy Flows from the Flowmaster site. Go to eBay or Summit Racing and get yourself a deal. Or better yet, since they have to be welded anyway ask your local muffler shop to order it for you since they can get a better price for you guaranteed. That way they can calculate the labor cost into the price for you. It's cheaper than buying the mufflers yourself and then having them welded in by the shop. Just as a point of reference, most reputable shops should not charge you more than $170 to 200 for parts and labor for welding in 40s so expect a bit more for the Super 40.
  10. go to my site


    and look on the left column for video files of my exhaust see what you think

  11. I assume that $170-$200 is the price for two flows on a GT that's already dualed b/c I will bet you money you can't get a true dual job on a V6 at ANY shop for that price. I've done exhaust on three Stangs, 00 V6 that cost me $395.00 for dual exhaust with flows, 01 GT that cost me $205.00 for dual flows, and my current 03 V6 that cost me $300 for true dual exhaust with stainless tailpipes and flowmaster mufflers with two chrome tips, and that was me getting a hela-deal for using the same shop. I'm happy with my exhaust, although alot of people hate on the flowmasters unless you have a V8. My best friend has a 99 Dodge Dakota V6 pickup truck with single side dual tip exhaust out the stock location and his flowmaster muffler sounds great. With exhaust, as everything, it's really all in what you want. What one person says is completely awesome could sound like complete crap to someone else. I've had no trouble out of Flowmaster and that's why I continue to run them. I have heard a Magna Flow muffler on a V6 Stang before, but it was single side exhaust and I didn't think it sounded very good. No clue on the Mac system, and there's no way I'd pay the outrageous price for Bassani. I've heard sound clips of their exhaust and I don't see what all the hype is about. It wasn't bad, but for the price, my V6 better sound like a T/A. Anyway, that's my $.02 cents. :flag:
  12. the exhaust sound is determined by the engine mods...supe up the engine and slap borla side exhaust and you got what i have

    www.showstang.com :)