Best Stang?

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  1. Whats the best Year for the v6? Power, torque, other?
  2. 99+ although I'm not sure on the specs of the 2004's.
  3. :stupid: :D And the specs on the 04's are identical despite the 3.9 power plant.
  4. well if you wanna get down to the nitty gritty, the 01 + has 193 vs 190 hp in the 99-00, then the 02+ has a modified intake/exhaust controller to give it a little more of a beefy engine sound :)
  5. DAMMIT! :bang:
  6. You know what? I did notice that my 2002 V6 Mustang has a beefy sound when I am driving it.

    How about the 2003 and the 2004 V6 Mustang? Did Ford do anything to them to sound beefier than the 2002? If so, what did they do? I would like to know if the 2003 and 2004 V6 Mustang is more powerful or beefier sounding than the 2002.
  7. hmmm....

  8. 2005 with the 4.0

    2007 with the 3.0 ( notice too that Jag and Lincoln and the T-bird share the 3.0L so if you wanted you can take the 07 and use parts off the Jag as a direct replacement.

    2004 have a 3.9L but it's still this old junkie push-rod that thankfully is no longer produced, although if your looking to buy a V6 or something, get the 2001 because there are a lot of used ones and the 01 doesn’t have any problems, nether dose the 02, the 03 has that tacky hood on it and the 04 might not be the best thing because aftermarket engine parts might not be as readily available
  9. so what you get from this, the newer the year the "beefier" and "quicker" it is
  10. i'd get an dont have that tacky hood as phantom said, i hate it myself, they are pretty easy to get your hands on and you get the slightly dieeper exhaust. plus you get a year newer car and it will have less miles driven by god only knows who, so you can hopefully rescue it and take care of it, hopefully.

  11. A lot of people like the "tacky hood" though, its the same as the 01 cobra. It is 01, right?
    A GT guy traded his with mine, he wanted the cobra look
  12. Yeah, I think it's retarded that Ford did that to the V6. But whatever sells.

    If you can, you will enjoy the 05 far more than this 25 year old thing that we all have. 2004 was the only year for the 3.9L, I don’t know why they did that, there is absolutely no gain in HP / Torque on there website, they are still claming 193hp. That 4.0 is going to be great, it's almost the exact thing that's in the explorer, Which if you have driven one, you can tell how much torque it really has. And this new mustang will be like 1000 pounds less than the explorers.

    But to be honest, my engine was only pushing 133 HP to the wheels on my first dyno run, so for ford to say they have 193 HP is a crock of shieeet. Next mustang I get needs to be dynoed immediately, so if I get a dud engine I can exchange the car, or sue. anyone pay attention to Mazda's lawsuit over the RX-8? :rlaugh:
  13. Well, the 94-97 engine is the first "new" V6 engine, it’s very similar to the T-bird's engine. The 98 engine was tweaked and supposedly had more horse power than the 97- , but that isn’t true. the 99-00 engine was the next "new age" engine which had far better heads and about 20 more horse power and torque. The 2001-2003 engine took what the 99/00 did and made it flow just a little better. If you notice too, the 99 / 01 cobra and the 3.8L V6 have VERY similar heads, so this is fantastic news. A respectable setup on V6. An ideal setup would have been the 4.2L V6 out of the F-150 with the tumble port heads of course, but Ford never considered it for production.

    the 3.8L engine is the Most out dated engine in the ford family, the basic design of the engine was conceived in 1956, and a few test mules were produced back then (not as our current 232 of cores, but as a "302" V8, but both the 6 and 8 are more or less like similar, )

    ... I’ve lost my train of though, ill get back to this tonight... :scratch:

  14. no, what happened?
  15. ya, what happened? Prob. over rated the hp by like
  16. i notice no diff in teh 01-02 sound but who knows, might be a slight difference. 99-00 have a pcv oil issue that gets to much oil in the upper, some worse than others, the 01 up have intake valves in the lower that open up at a given rpm to use the short runners. little flatter tq curve noting really noticable maybe a tenth faster~

    if you want cheap speed buy a cheap per 99 slap on some ported heads/intake/cam with bolt ons and you will be about as fast as a 99 up with the same mods.
  17. The sad part is that your car does have 193 hp. It may not be wheeled HP, but they were doing an engine dyno, not a chassis dyno. All the newer Mustangs have 193 crank HP, but a lot is lost due to the transmission and gearing.
  18. u mean a 98? and be as fast as a 99?
  19. Yeah man, because despite the fact that the 01 Cobra hood looks good on the 01 Cobra, it's just so tacky on a V6... :rolleyes: :nonono: You know, I have to take this kind of crap from people all the time. The only difference between a Cobra and a V6 is engine size (and a few other PERFORMANCE mods for the picky peeps out there.) To say that the hood looks good on the Cobra and not the V6 is like saying, "I like the Ford logo on the Cobra better than I like the logo on the V6." Cobra, Cobra, Cobra..that's all Stangers want to talk about anymore. :rolleyes: :notnice: :nonono: :damnit: :fuss: :bang:

  20. Umm, :stick: apparently you have never owned a 01 cobra, because it isn’t just the engine, it's got a little IRS in the back, better suspension, and new front bumper which allows more air to come in, and it also matches the hood a lot better than the tacky V6/GT front end that we all got. Granted, if Ford threw the 01 cobra bumper on the v6, it would look a hella lot better, but they didn’t.

    And your comparison on the ford emblem is not a good one, I would have compared it to something more or less like the Monaro to GTO or Charger to C300... :p