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  1. SO let me try to understand what you are saying here. Are you saying that the 2004 Mustang V6 has a 3.9 Liter engine in it? And that it does "NOT" have the 3.8 Liter engine? If this is true, then wouldn't the 3.9 liter engine put out a little more horsepower than the standard 193 horsepower that the 3.8 Liter 2001-2003 V6 Mustangs have? Please enlighten me on this. Thanks.
  2. What's the difference about the 2003/2004 hood :shrug:
  3. Oh I see it now. Yeah that hood is nasty.
  4. More cubes means more power yes, but .1 liter isn't enough to notice. Anyone know the bore x stroke of the 3.8 to the 3.9?
  5. If what you are saying is true, then it will be much harder to get parts for the 3.9 Liter engine when it needs service, unless everything on it is "universal" to the 3.8 Liter engine. I am not sure whether all the external and internal engine parts on the 3.9 Liter engine is "universal" and would also fit the 3.8 Liter engine? IMHO, the 3.9 Liter was a "waste" for Ford to build. Especially if they are going to build it only for 1 year. They should have stuck with the 3.8 Liter engine instead.

  6. I don't know if you still don't belive that the 04 has a 3.9, but click here
    you'll see
  7. I have an '01 and I was wondering if it is possible to change my intake/exhaust controller to the '02 one so I have the "Beefier" sound? We're is the controller and how hard is it to change? Also, is there any performance gain at all or is it purely for sound?

  8. Why should you?

    Have you installed a CAI yet? Have you swapped your exhaust yet? 2003, 2002 and 2001 V6's are all the same engine.

    While your at it, throw in a 70mm BBK TB, that will make your car sound better :D

    I think all ford did was change the crank out for the 2004's, so the pistons move down just a little more. I don’t believe they bored it out at all
  9. The 3.9L engine is the same engine as the 3.8L basically. It's not a new design at all. It just has 6 more cubes. There are a number of different ways Ford could have gotten them.

    External engine components should be the same. No way would ford ever put the money into developing a new engine for 1 year only. The only 3.9L engine Ford wants to soak money into right now is the LS/Jag 3.9L V8 (280HP). The 3.9L V6 is just a slightly revised 3.8L.

  10. In what ways are an OHV 2V head similar to an DOHC 4V head???
  11. :rolleyes: It's a hood......just a hood. :nonono:

  12. MY car dynoed at 133.4 HP and 183.9 Torque on my first pull. It's now at 151 HP because I had Superchips Dyno-Tune it when they came to Austin.
  13. Mazda was quoting 250 HP out of there new engine, and they got sued, so if you see a current RX-8 Ad, it now says 247 HP

    This made CNN and MSNBC and everything, it was a good laugh
  14. The general design is similar, sure the slowbra has 4-valves, but the basic intake is similar, minus the obvious 2 extra cylinders of course :p

    open one up, you'll see.

    There is a 03 engine in pieces at my local dealership and if i get time ill swing over there and snap some pics of the intake system and post em up (assuming they haven’t shipped the engine back to SVT that is)