best sub in sealed enclosure?

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  1. i'm looking to add a sub in the stang and was wondering what brand and size sub works best in a sealed enclosure. i dont want anything overpowering or super loud, just some clean tight bass. i just dumped my MTX thunderform. it didnt sound like i expected. anyways any help would be appreciated. thanks
  2. Image Dynamics IDMAX, ARC Audio Flatline, Elemental Designs (K or O), Adire Brahma, Stereo Integrity Magnum D2, JL Audio (any series), Dayton Titanic or RS series, and many many others.
  3. I agree with Infinity. But I use Image dynamics IDQ12 and ARC 12d4. I dont have enough power for the max and flatline, Only have 400w.
  4. The ID's and ARC's are nearly identical woofers, and very good ones at that. Those IDQ's and D2's are very satisfying and quite loud with low power. They're also fairly lightweight if that matters.
  5. I know they are pretty much identical. my arc does have a little more output with the same amp but sounds the same. sure will make my trunk lid rattle, lol
  6. JL. They been around forever and are still at the top of the list.

  7. Nothin but JL.

    I have 2 JL W6 10s and they sound great. The best thing is they don't need alot of air space. Therefore the box is small so it doesn't take up your whole trunk
  8. JL's are VERY nice (I still have 7 of their drivers myself), but they are easily beaten in the economy department. IOW, you can do just as well for less money. If you like JL's, then by all means, just be sure to purchase authorized and keep your warranty. As for JL amps, I would rather use Pyramid- I hate their amps.
  9. Audiobahn or Orion
  10. I have an Infinity reference 10" in a sealed enclosure that I built and it sounds awesome. The combo of the Infinity, which has a really tight sound to it already, with a sealed box is awesome.

  11. I hope that is sarcasm.
  12. I've been looking into subs for my application (I want one 12 in the spare tire well). I don't want to spend over $130. I've been looking on ebay at the new Alpine Type-R. Any feedback?

    I've only had two systems in my life: JBL and Sony. I'm a little behind in the what is good and what is not good. I was looking into Audiobaun but after talking with some folks I've since changed my mind. But what is so bad about Audiobaun?
  13. The Type-R is horrible in a sealed box, and there's not enough space to port it in the spare-tire well. Try a different woofer. For $130 you could get an Elemental 12kv2 that would work real nice, or a TCSounds driver from
  14. I am trying a Ascendant audio assassin in a 1cf sealed. its not bad and gets louder then the arc and id subs I have used. right now they are 75 plus shipping from the company.
  15. I use and sell a lot of JL and Orion, for chepaer customers, kicker
  16. Ive used JL Audio subs for 10+ years. You can find their cheaper 12" woofers for $100 or lesson ebay, and they will hit hard. I run 2 5 year old 12's in the trunk with only about 80 watts each and they pound and go low.

    Also on my brothers 85 GT we removed the spare tire and made a fiberglass box so the woofer sits flush with the rest of the floor. A used JL audio 12 and Jensen 100watt RMS amp and it sounds great.
  17. I have JLs and they are great. The price can go from 100 to arm/leg.

    I use the ws6 model because they only require a small box. Saving some space in the truck
  18. Put those w6's in a larger sealed box and then listen. JL's aren't as well off in small boxes as the advertising would have you believe. I LOVE my old 12w3's in 2 cubes each sealed, or 3.5 tuned to 21hz.

  19. Wow, its seems as if you know alot about subs. Do you work at best buy or something?

    I don't want to port the box b/c I like all music and the ported boxes aren't flexible enough. I'm going to build a wooden box b/c I want the floor to be raised up about 4-6 inches for a few different reasons.

    I'm a little worried about all of these different subs people are listing b/c i haven't heard of any of them. I did check the Elemental out but what makes it so special?