best supercharger for 95 cobra?

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  1. does anyone know of any good deals for a good super charger for a 95 cobra. i was thinking the kenne bell was the best bang for the buck because its 3,000 and it puts out more power then most of the others. i dont wanna spend more then 3,000 for the supercharger itself. if yall know of any cheap deals for other good ones let me know, and im not interested in powerdyne. thanks for the input guys.
  2. eh i wouldn't say it puts out the most power and lean towards it because of that reason, power can be made with all superchargers with just a simple pully change to raise the boost. I hear kenne bells are harder to tune and limited numberwise as far as power, u should base the supercharger you want on what kinda of powerband you are looking for as far as picking between a centrifugal and roots type(twin screw i think the kenny is)
  3. Kenne bell's are not hard to tune at all. They are more expensive than the rest, but power is there as soon as you step on it. Kenne bells are SUPPOSED to be lower end superchargers, but mine pulled throught the entire rpm band( all the way till he shut it off at 6200 rpms)Vortech may be higher rpm blowers, but as we all know..the 5.0 is not a high rpm motor. Kenne bell all the way!
  4. vortech on my 95 cobra
  5. Paxton VR-4 on mine. It is an older ball drive unit but I love it. People are surprisd at the power I make on only 6lbs of boost (intercooled). You can find them on ebay sometimes pretty cheap and Craig at Paradise wheels is the guy to talk to for help, rebuilds, and parts as Paxton sold everything to him. THEY SOUND AWESOME TOO!
  6. Just keep in mind buying a blower is the easiest part. You will need to upgrade your ignition and fuel system. MAF, Injectors, 255 intank pump, MSD box (BTM preferred), coil, adjustable fuel reg., boost gauge, fuel gauge. Not sure if your doing the install on the blower and all this stuff but if not add another $1000 for that. When all is said and done a Dyno tune is required. Either add a custom chip or buy PMS or Tweecer. That's another $500-$1000. When I bought my Vortech I was stoked until I had to buy the supporting hardware. I'll write this again so you can learn from my mistakes. A dyno tune is required. I got on the throttle after my blower was installed and blew the heads off the block. You need to know your A/F ratio, timing, etc. before the fun starts. Power adders are tricky.
  7. Vortech V-1 baby!!
  8. The question is a lil general..haha
    Depends on what you want from the car, and how it will be used.
  9. will you really need everything listed here? or just fuel system upgrades? the 95 cobra has #24 injectors, will i need to go with 36 or 42 or are the #24 good enough? also i have the msd blaster coil already what else do i need to upgrade when getting a blower, ill prolly go with kenne bell.
  10. No go on the 24's. You will need at least 36's with a Cobra. Blaster coil is a good start. You will need the MSD6BTM to compliment that. Match the MAF to the larger injectors and again don't forget the tune.
  11. I have a 95 cobra with a vortech,it came with everthing. I still have the 24lb injectors. If your cobra is stock you should'nt need anything else,the only thing I would suggest is a powerpipe, you will see a big improvement with it, and a tune. My car runs as good as it did after the supercharger. If i'm not mistaking vortech had a huge price drop, way under $3000 for a complete S trim kit.
  12. seems to me that 24#ers is not nearly enough for a cobra with a blower.

    i have a kenne-bell 1.8L and i just finished installing it. i got it used (but just rebuilt) with a systemax lower intake, 30# injectors, 3 pulleys, spark retard kit, and other supporting stuff for $2500.

    the instant boost makes it a great street blower but there is no intercooler option. however, you can still cool the intake air with a shot of methanol or even water.

    the fun has not started for me yet because i haven't finished the fuel system upgrade (walbro pump), i still need to tune it, and i haven't gotten the fuel pressure or boost gauges yet.