best thing about summer....


New Member
Oct 12, 2005
crusing down rt18, down to the shore, windows open , no radio, you and your chick.....

then the occasional ricer who wants a piece of you at one of the few traffic lights, who starts revving and inching up as if he were staging. howeer you lead him on and re back at him, staring directly into the eyes of the ricer. the light turns green, and he takes off while you wait a couple seconds at the light. catch up to him later on down the road, and you know what hes thinking. " I wonder how fast it really is?"

best part of summer is also best part of the street scene. Never to race on the streets, thats what the track is for, and keeping the mystery of the foxbody. Youll never know if you pull up to a mid to high13 second mild stang or a 10-11 second street machine.

drive on.
:SNSign: :nice: :cheers: ;)
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