Best tire shine?

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  1. What tire shine are you guys using that you would recomend? I want something that lasts decently and shines!!
  2. Adam's Polishes

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  3. gonne be ordering some stuff from them, maybe ill add thier tire stuff to try it out
  4. I have a lot of stuff from Adam's. Great products and unparalleled service.

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  5. I use the armour all because of the nozzle. Black Magic I don't like.
  6. Theres some new stuff coming out but idont know if its out yet. I seen some commercials somewhere for it and i think it was on horsepower tv or something. Anyways im not sure what its exactly called but i know its made by Dupili-color.(the company that makes paint and what not...duh lol) and on the ad i seen they sprayed it on the tires(in a rattle can form) and ran it threw the car wash three times and it looks exactly like it did when it was first put on!!! Dont know the specifics but if sombody knows of it or any expierence with it please chime in
  7. Dupli-Color TSCH100 Tire Shine Coating - 15.5 oz.

    Dupli-Color TSCH100 Tire Shine Coating - 15.5 oz.
  8. looks like nice stuff!! :shrug:
  9. Adam's SVRT works awesome as an all around product. It works fantastic on our plastic trim and I have used it plenty under the hood and even on the gas tank cover. The only downside is if you want shine the SVRT won't do it with just 1 application so you will need a 2nd coat. To me the shine of tires simply means it just slings all over the side of your car and I would rather have dirty tires than crap slung onto the paint.
  10. I've had great success with the Adams as well. I prefer the look of it compared to the super glossy wet sprayed on look. The Adams stuff is polymer-based, so it's not greasy and won't sling all over the place.
  11. I've used allot of different tire dressings and the best by far has been Blue Magic Supree Tire Shine, not only does it not go all over the side of the car but it lasts a long time! I went back to the store and bought a box of it.
  12. hey Joe, you like the aerosol or the liquid one of the Blue Magic?
  13. I use AMMO MUD Tire Gel it gives a very nice matte finish its not super shiny like most other tire shines. And it can also be used on plastic trim.
  14. Seriously wet in the spray can works pretty good
  15. I use Black Magic, but I also spray it on a applicator and put it on that way I get it on the tire not the wheel and it doesn't go everywhere. I also use less that way and saves me $$. You can use almost anything just don't spray it on the tire apply it with a applicator I usually use a wax sponge. I have heard that baby oil works although I have never tried it.
  16. Autoglym makes a good tire shine product
  17. Autoglym makes a good tire shine product
  18. I like:

    - Wolfgang Tire Gel
    - Chemical Guys VRP
    - Surf City Beyond Black
    - Flash Wax Banana Breeze
    - Poorboy's Bold n' Bright Gel
  19. I use Meguiar's Endurance tire gel.
    • Contains premium ingredients that produce a rich shine.
    • Lasts weeks, not days, even through rain.
    • Stops tires from turning brown.
    • Eliminates the mess of overspray, drips, streaks and spotted driveways.


    It's a gel that you apply with a sponge applicator.