Best Tire Size?

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  1. I did some research and couldn't come up with definitive answers. I am ready to make a drag radial purchase. I wanted Hoosier Drag Radial but there is a warning for no highway use. Then I was going to get the 245 45 17 nitto Drag radials.. 555r and the ware house was on back order per Discount tire. Then I started thinking that if im going to spend $450+ on a set of Rear Drag Radials that I want to make a very informed decision. So I ask all of you. What works with my 17x8 in rim. As in 26" tall or 27" / 25" tall tires. I am going to be mostly Friday nite driving and occasional 1/4 mile track. I don't care about gas mileage, I don't want to be at 3k rpm in 5th doing 7o mph. SO my question is will it really make a difference if its a 24" to 28" wheel? If so what works well with my 3.55 gear and 17 inch rims?
  2. From my personal experience, Mickey Thompson makes the best tire hands down. I have owned every single drag radial brand imaginable starting 15 years ago with some bfg radials. MT has yet to let me down and has proven itself to me to be far superior. There is a reason you only see MT tires on the fastest radial cars on the world.

    That being said 245/45/17 or if you have the room 275/40/17 would be your two options. The later requires the quad shocks to be removed at the least. What other type of suspension parts do you have installed currently?

    If you do go the MT route start around 18 lbs, radials like more pressure than most people think.
  3. Let me put it like this... Is there a difference in end run result with say 35 40 45 50 55 or even up to 65 series tires in the rear. So.. what would be the difference between say an 245 35 17 vs 245 65 17?Obviously the 65 serier is "taller") Im not worried about fit issues or quad shocks or rolling fenders.. Just the difference in say Rpm, Mph. with my 3.55 gears...I want the MT ET streets but I cannot find a pair in 245 or 255 45 17s.. Only 275 45 17s
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  4. The first number in your equation is the width of the tire in mm. In your case, 245mm.

    The second number in your equation is your aspect ratio. That's a percentage of your over all width, in height from the edge of the rim, to the outside of the tire.
    For example, the "35" in your 246/35/17 equation is 35% of the over all width in height from the rim, to the top or bottom of the tire .

    The third number is the diameter if the wheel. In you example, "17" stands for 17 ".

    Heres a neat tire size calculator to give you an idea how it all works .
  5. Thank you for sharing that but what i'm trying to figure it out( maybe i'm not explaining it properly) is the measurement from the ground up to the top of the tire. Say 30 inches with a 65 series tire. now say its 26 inches with a 45 series tire. I dont want to put a 13 inch rim that equals 22 inch or 22 inch rim thats 32 inches. Im looking for the sweet ground to top of tire combination with my 3.55 gears.. I still feel like im not painting a proper picture..
    If I measure from the bottom of the tire(on the pavement) to the top of the tire in the wheel well i'm pretty sure that a 245/45/17 wheel is a 25.75 "inch" tire. My question is Is there a optimum "height" rim/tire combo for the 3.55?
  6. You want a 26" tire in my opinion. A 28" tire for example will lower your trap rpms by about 150. With 3.55 gears a 26 will be great, a 28 will take too much of the rear gearing away from you. (This applies to your application and can be different case by case)
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  7. Yes now were getting somewhere. Thanks so much just what I was looking for some real meat and potatoes!
  8. I was picking up what you were putting down lol
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  9. I guess that all depends on what you consider "optimum" the quickest 1/4 time? Optimum for hitting top RPM at the end of the track? Optimum for an all around street gear? Optimum for fuel economy?

    How quick it's going to accelerate and how fast it's going to be at the top of the track and at what RPM are going to greatly depend on horsepower output and vehicle weight as well.

    While your 3.55's might be optimum for an "all a around gear", they may not be optimal for best acceleration, fuel economy or drive ability.

    If yours looking for an all around set up, I'd stick with shooting for the stock tire height as 84Ttop suggested.

    Also, unless you're planning on running around with these tires all the time, I'd consider a 15" rim. Pick up a set of old phone dials at a local swap meet and have at it. Taller sidewall, lighter wheel and a cheaper tire.
  10. My optimum is Friday nite street cruising and occasional 1/4 mile runs.
  11. Mickey Thompson FTW! That's all I have...
  12. Stick to a 25-26 " tire.