best tires for front

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by chef_333, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. Hey Guys,

    hey I am running 285's in the back, and 245 in the front. Should I keep 245 in the front, or would it be better to move them up to 275, or 285? Wondering if tires of that size in the front are good, or bad.
  2. Just wondering, are you running 285's on the stock rims??? I thought 275 was the biggest you could fit. The 245's in the front are fine. The 275's would be kool too, but I think they would be sticking out of the fender a little which I think doesnt look too good. 285's IMO would be a little big, and I dont know if you would be able to turn the wheel all the way. I say stay 245 or 275. What tires do you have on there right now?
  3. I'm running 275-35-18 Yokohama AVS ES 100's all the way around on 2000 Cobra R rims (18x9.5) and it looks real good IMO. I woulda went 285's but Yoko's don't offer those.
  4. I have 17 x 9 inch rims, the largest I can run are 285's, but really want to know can I run 275 in the front with no drawbacks? Will 275 in the front help with tractions.
  5. I would think it would depend on your sidewall height. If you are talking the difference in cornering between 285/35 and 275/35, then the 275/35 would be stiffer and provide a tad more cornering and breaking stability. Of course it is still relative to your configuration but generally the stiffer sidewall is better.