Wheels-Tires Best tires to run in cold climate areas.

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  1. Hey guys,

    I am wondering if anyone has some experience with this subject. I live in Canada and during the summer when the sun sets the temperature drops off quite a bit, I put GT500 rims and tires on my stock 2013 5.0 and they have the stock goodyear eagle f1 supercar tires on them, I find that they are very hard to hook up in 1st through 2nd gear, it tends to spin through the majority of first and maybe 1/4 of second gear. I am looking at putting on a set of Nitto NT555R drag radials... they are 305/35/20 and call for a minimum 10" rim to mount them on, I believe the gt500 rims are 9.5" on the rear...

    Any other suggestions or experiences would be welcomed. Thanks in advance.,

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  2. Same tires on my GT500. They stink in the cold. In fact, Goodyear tells you not to run them in temps less than 40 degrees F.

    The go-t0 tire for all of the guys running the 13 GT500s are Michelin Pilot Super Sports. They seem to vastly improve the traction, and don't appear to have cold temp issues. I doubt they'll be any good in snow, if that's what you're looking for. I've heard good things about Continentals for an all-season.

    You're definitely going to have to widen your rims to run 315s.
  3. What kind of "cold" temps are you talking about? If it's regularly around 0*C or lower, I'd go at least with all-seasons, or maybe even snow tires (if you're going to get caught in the snow occasionally with it). I've heard very good reports on the Conti. Extreme Contact DWS tires. :)
  4. The car will not be seeing any snow, I will generally be driving it from June to October... I would say on average the evening temperature would be around 10-15°C with not too many nights with warmer temperatures, there were very few warm nights last summer where the tires would grip under hard acceleration.
  5. Oh... I thought 10-15*C was "warm" for Canadians! :D
  6. I guess 10-15°C is warm for a Canadian night, but still not good for traction,