Suspension Best Tubular K-member For 91 Lx Coupe

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  1. I am looking at the UPR K-member & Coil Over kit and from what I've seen it seems to be a pretty good kit. it seems a little cheap to have the coil overs and the control arms too :shrug:

    is this a good kit? what kit/k-members are y'all using?
  2. If you want the best quality and fitting suspension parts, go Maximum Motorsports. I've used their K members, CC plates, subframe connectors, control arms, bumpsteer kits on my cars. You get what you pay for IMO.

    For November, they are running deals of the day- 20% off everyday on a different item.
  3. Why do you want a k member? Other mods to the car? What you are going to do with the car?
  4. UPR's k-member kit is Made in America, it carries a Lifetime Guarantee, and it works VERY well! Our k-members are used on daily drivers, Championship winning racecars, and everything in between. If you send me a PM, I can set you up with the Stangnet discount too.
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  5. +1 for UPR. Just installed and could not be happier. I am a real nut about quality, and the UPR does not disappoint. It is a solid, nicely welded piece. Everything lined up perfect, and the wheels did not move from the stock location as I was afraid they would.
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  6. I Have the UPR kit and love it. Works well and awesome quality
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  7. mainly weight reduction and stiffening. It's about to get a 347 stroker fully built. AOD w/4r70w and 8.8 rear end. the only mod on the suspension is 5 Lug kit, subframe connectors, camber plates lowering springs. It's gonna be a street/strip car but it's starting to lean more on the strip side lol
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  8. how hard is the UPR kit to install?
  9. none of them are hard to install...
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  10. ROFL...that's a relative thing, don't you think? Swapping a K-member may not require fabrication or unusual tools, but it isn't exactly a two-wrench one-hour operation for the average joe on his back in his garage.
  11. true its not an hour job or anything like that it takes a couple hours. but honestly its pretty straight forward. no special tools needed... no cutting or welding.

    only thing thats tricky and which isnt really bad is supporting the motor. i prefer to do them with the motor out but ive used a cherry picker before to hold it in place once the mounts are unbolted
  12. Well, only the expensive ones (mm and griggs) are going to stiffen the car. The cheaper ones make it worse. The stock k member is pretty stiff.

    If you feel like you have spent every dime you can on the rest of the car and can't get more power, get the k member, if not it's a poor dollar to gain ratio.

    Guys here tend to like them, but weight loss does very little on a fox street car. Spending hundreds of dollars to gain less than .1 isn't always sensible.
  13. I was just thinking about putting it in because I will have the motor already out for a rebuild and stroke. I tend to like to do everything at once lol. I guess I have to decide if the 40lbs (?) of loss and $700 price tag is worth it, it's starting to sound like If anything a set of slicks would be the best investment at the price tag...
  14. I agreed with your thought process on doing it without the engine installed if you are going to do it.

    Would i if i was you? Only if i felt i had everything else of benefit already done.
    People around here get hung up on k members, the worst are the ones with gt40p heads, imagine how far that $700 would have taken them in getting TW's or afr 165's. 40hp or lose 40lbs, i know which one i would pick.
  15. Well you've convinced me to not get them, I appreciate your help! I think it'd wiser to put my car on corn or get me some slicks lol
  16. It's a 70lb weight loss, and in addition to that, you get added clearance in the engine compartment, which makes working on the engine much easier. It's a great mod. That's why the UPR k-member is so popular.
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  17. If it were me, on a DD or street use car only, I'd either paint or powder coat the stock K member and use the money elsewhere.
  18. UPR are the only ones I sell in my shop. Can't beat the warranty. Seriously, they will still warranty it out even on a race car.
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  19. What about the Team Z ? I was looking at those?
  20. I have used their stuff too. Good quality, not much of a warranty and excellent tech support. The only issue with them is that they are a small family owned business so, getting someone on the phone can be not as easy as one would like. They make awesome through the floor sub frame connectors.