best turbo 2.3 head

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  1. hey guys i hope this doesnt get asked way to much. but hears the deal the stock head on me and my buddys 84 capri rs turbo is cracked the motor is fully built besides the head which needs to get replaced.

    so my step dad can get any 2.3 head from his work, i know there are some minor things they changed on the head. i need to know what year modle ect is the best head. when my step dad seached he had 4 different stock heads.
  2. Well i'm taking a complete guess, but i would say three of those are the non turbo head, the turbo head and the 8 plug head, but i don't know what the forth would be. My money would be on a turbo 2.3 head off of a factory turbo car, with some porting and bigger valves.
  3. there 12 different heads for a 2.3 only 3 turbo heads but i dont know whats the best out of these.

    theres the 79-81 thats the oval port, d9 code

    the 85-89 d port e5ze/e6se code

    then this is a odd ball one

    88-93 2.3 ford,t-bird,mustang-sohc-turbo/nonturbo-hydraulic roller cam.
    it says its for a turbo or nonturbo code e59.e69

    which one is the best
  4. the d port head would be your best bet.but if you fill like spending some money go with the esslinger alum head.the bad part is they are $1400 but flow way better with the 1.89 and 1.59 valves.
  5. A bunch of people have been raving about the oval port heads as of late, but I don't know what the advantage of them is.

    A D port is easiest to find, and ported, will give you good performance.
  6. Get ahold of Racer Walsh in Florida
  7. I'm running a Dport on the 88 coupe and an oval port on the 87 coupe.

    The N/A heads have a smaller combustion chamber and will bump your compression up. You can have a good head guy take care of that though.

    Contact Bo at He is certainly the main and hooked me up. Tell him Matt C. sent you for some info.
  8. where going with the d port cant be 240$. fully rebuilt. 50 for a port o yeah
  9. $50 port job? I bet that's a real "winner" :rolleyes:
  10. nah me and my friend have a hook up. good guy just asked us to pay for supplies thats all. i did some welding work for him so hes going to help us out.
  11. Did the Capri's head crack through an exhaust seat? That seems to be the most common occurrence and installing hard seats a way to prevent it. You might consider having that done to the replacement if it's not cracked as well.
  12. thanks for the tip the head price is for a fully rebuilt head with cam's. its a reman. i forget whos the head is from, but its from a compy that ford uses to rebuild heads motors ect.
    that price is cost from my dad's work, ie the cost that his work pays from the reman. since the size of his work they buy so much from different reman ect there cost is dirt cheap because those places know they will keep buying. but to be on the safe side where sending out the head to get magnaflux (sp?) if there is any problems well get a new head within a few days.

    the stock head looked fine to the naked eye but when we sent it out and had it fluxed all these cracks showed up. number pistons was melted in some spots.