Best undercoating?


Mar 24, 2018
So the undercoating the PO installed is flaking off in large pieces (from 1.5” pieces up to 3-4” pieces), so I’m guessing the surface prep work was sub par.

The good news is that the metal being exposed looks decent and free of rot (I’m sure there’s some down there somewhere) as this is my year round daily driver, I want to get her protected from the elements as best I can. Was wondering if anyone has tried rhino lining, or line-X on the underside and wheel wells of their early mustang?

Also looking for any recommendations for other options, especially if they are DIY solutions. I can only work on her over the weekends and evenings/nights.

Thanks for any advice and info you guys can provide.
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May 17, 2018
Enterprise AL
I'd also like to know what products have worked well for others. About 10 years ago I helped my dad media blast the bottom of our 65. We coated with a product called chassis black by Eastwood. Now we did do any more than blast clean and spray this stuff on. It came in aerosol cans. Unfortunately life happened and that car is still sitting waiting for me to get to it. It's on the very short list. Anyway, I was under the car about a year ago working on the breaks and noticed that the bottom of the car is covered in rust and the paint stuff is peeling off. Keep in mind this car has no motor in it, hasn't for 10+ years, so its just been sitting mostly inside a building and it still rusted.

Knowing what I know now I realize that we didn't really prep the metal and that is probably why the product failed. That we 10 years in the past. Chassis Black is still available but I'm sure that there are other products.

I have thought about the bed liner stuff as well. I'm sure that you would need to prep it with a good base coat before lining it though.

Hopefully others with more experience will see this and shed some light on the topic.
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Jun 19, 2018
Bradenton Fl 34212
I did my 65 with Hursh (I think that is how it is spelled) semi gloss undercoating paint. I bought a gallon and a cheap primer spray gun. Still have a lot left over and it looks really nice. TIP: use aluminum foil to wrap around and parts that you do not want sprayed such as shocks, master and slave steering controls, brake lines etc. The more time you spend on the pre spray prep, the better it will be. Also be sure to buy a tyvek suit and disposable gloves, A real messy job but worth it. I put plastic on the floor before spraying Good luck
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