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  1. I totally agree, its all just different starting points, what body style you like and how much cash and time are you willing to put in. My 98 can keep up with a stock 99+, I have raced them at the track and it is a drivers race. Hopefully if all goes well, by this summer I will be keeping up to the 99+ GT's.
    Like I said Single Port's kick ass, 94 to 98 all the way, I think the 99+ are too boxy for me, don't get me wrong I would own one in a heartbeat...its a mustang!! :nice:
  2. The 2004 has 193 hp.
  3. i'm not really going for tons of horsepower. i'm am getting a mustang to get good gas mileage, something i can do minor upgrade mods on, and look good going down the road.
  4. Good luck with the good gas mileage thing. If you really want good gas mileage a mustang is not the way to go, even a v6.

    And good luck with the minor mods thing too. That's how I started out... now I have a cam under my bed waiting for me to save up for heads/intake too. :D

  5. Me too... :D
  6. yup, missed the v
  7. how do mustangs not get good gas mileage?? some one said they get 19 to 29. to me thats pretty damn good. my current truck gets 8 to 10 if i'm lucky.
  8. The mustang seems to get average fuel mileage if you ask me. Sure if you compare it to a 4-banger than it doesn't look so hot, but it gets good mileage for a 6-shooter.
  9. Sounds like your current truck either has a hole in the gas tank or is a real behemoth. Seriously though, I get like 20 mpg with my car. On long trips the MOST I've ever gotten was 25 or 26 mpg. I don't consider that "good." One of my friends has an echo and he gets like 30 mpg around town. I suppose our perception of good gas mileages are different. :D I consider what I get average and average is good enough for me.
  10. I think it also depends on the depth of The Wallet. ;)

    I go to school and that is It.

  11. Yeah, I graduated a month ago and don't have a job yet. Thus The Wallet is getting shallower and shallower... :(
  12. 99+, earlier ones had head gasket issues, I know my 93 t-bird did.
  13. Supposedly that was fixed in 96 or 97 I think.
  14. personally I like the '95... but thats just becasue I own one... :rolleyes: true it has a little less horsepower, but that can be fixed... with money... which i don't have... :( ... Still can burn ricers though :banana:
  15. get a 99 up they are easier to start modding because they start with a better platform to work on!
  16. i think you have to change the computers and wiring harness to put the tbird v6 in it if it is turbocharged. where can i get a good cheap stroker kit for a 95 crank bearing is out and if it is not too much over the cost of a new crank and bearings i wanna go ahead and get the stroker crank.
  17. Like it has been stated, just get whatever style you like. You can then decide which direction you want to go with the engine.

    I have a 96', but decided to put one the 99' engines in it. So I now have a better base to build from.(Heads are much better on the 99+)

    Also to follow up, the SC crank is better than the mustang's, stock vs. stock. But the blocks are all nearly the same.(Slight differences can be found, but generally...)

    Forgot about mileage. I get 30 mpg on the highway, and 22-23 in town, IF I keep the right foot under control.
  18. You might want to try
  19. the reason my truck gets that kind of gas mileage is cause its a 1972 chevy cheyenne with a 350 it it. i don't know any trucks from 67 - 72 that get better than 12mpg. so of course at the least 20 mpg is going to be awesome from what i have to deal with. with all the extra money i will save i will be able to put more mods on the Mustang i get.
  20. I would wait for the 05 :hail2: !... or the 03 i like the 03 hoods...thats mine...