best v6 year

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Butters, Jan 11, 2004.

  1. Well more power to ya then. :nice:
  2. the only way you are gonna get any powr from a pre 99 is to do port/polish job on the heads, intakes, and a nice cam with the basic bolt ons, then you will have nice power.

    DO NOT AND I REPEAT STRONGLY DO !!!! NOT !!!! BUY AND AUTOMATIC they suck and are slow, no fun to drive .... you will regret it if you do. the 94-mid 96 had head gasket issues but no other major issues for the v6s.

    99-00 had pvc valve issues and oil got into the upper, to much of it, so buy a 01 up
  3. What changes were made to the 01+ s to give them the extra 3 hp?
  4. 01+ have IMRC butterflies in the intake runners. +3hp
  5. notice my mods and my ET....
  6. I realise ur not planning to mod...but thats what we all said at first...and it is common knowledge that the same mods on a 94-98 have weilded higher returns then a 99+. Get the new intake on the 94-98 and you'll be making more then a 99+ does with a modded intake of their own.

  7. That's because the 94-98 intake was more restrictive to begin with though, right?
  8. a pre 99 with p&p upper and lower, Shorty Headers, Mac CAI, UnderDrive Pullies, Flowmasters is going to net you about 35hp~ and 25-30tq or about 3-4 tenths faster than stock or around a 15.9 15.7s with a good 60 ft (2.1 or so) where ever you got th 15.1 is a damn nice track with perfct alt and condition i need to come run damn i might get low 14s.
  9. I assume you were talking to 97v6silver... I agree. :D