Best wax around

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  1. Hey jek57 have you ever tryed a paste wax called Finish Kare 1000p hi-temp it works really well and what make of car do you drive.
  2. Wax selection is far less important than surface prep. You can throw a high end wax on a poorly prepped surface and still have a :poo:ty looking car. Conversely, you can throw your basic OTC wax on a well prepped surface with good results.

    That said, Clearkote's Vanilla Moose Wax is a very good wax for a good price.
  3. Why would you seal and then polish? Polishes have corrective abilities which will remove the sealant you just applied.

    General application should go Wash --> Clay --> Compound --> Polish --> Glaze (optional) --> wax/sealant.
  4. I found at a detailer supply store in Victoria,Tx. "Euro Tech 7000 polish/glaze and after Mother's clay it really was great for my red candy paint. tn_Port Lavaca Ford 004.JPG