Best wax for black paint?

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  1. What's the best wax to use on black paint. My friend has a black car. He used NuFinish on it, but it leaves a white film and all the wax doesn't come off. What do you guys with black 'Stangs or cars think?
  2. ZAINO! :nice:
    no question about it.
  3. I think Mothers Claybar and 3 step system does wonders for a black car. I know, I have a black car and the mothers products make this cars paint shine and bling. They also do a good job of removing/hiding swirls as well.

    As for Zaino, I can't say as I've never used it but I've heard good things about it.
  4. I've had no problem with the black color wax from Turtlewax.
  5. I use McQuire's Gold Wax on both my vehicles, and its looks awesome on the Dodge! (black)
  6. It should be noted that Meguiars Gold Class wax will stain your side trim and plastic pieces and will leave a nasty white film. I speak with experience here. You have to use a good cleaner like Mothers back to black to get the stuff off.

    I've used this stuff before. It does a good job of masking swirls and scratches but it will fade and wear off faster than most think. If you're going to use this stuff, I recommend using it frequently or using a pure wax over the top of it.
  7. I have 34 coats of Zaino on my car as we goal is 50+. My car has not been out of the garage in over a year!! I have been a FIRM believer in Zaino since I started using it in May. I have worked as a Detailer before my Real job for 5 years"Not that a Professional Detailer is not a Real job... just not what I went to college for!" anyway. I have used the best of the best before Liquid Glass, Finish First, Maguires, Mothers, Zymoll, ect ect... not over the counter crap! Body shop detail shop professional glaze,polishes, and waxes. Zaino has truthfully blow these away! But you MUST start with a good foundation. If you don't have a good starting point then your just adding a bandaid on bad dry paint. If you can look into your paint and you can see fine scratches under floresent lights or if your paint feels like sand need to get the can preped right first! Pay a professional to Clay and High Speed buff your car. This is VERY important. You must start with a clean slate to build on. Then start with Zaino. The more the better! In 34 coats I have gone through 2 bottles and 4 months. It is worth the effort and time. TRUST ME!! :nice: [​IMG]
  8. Cliff Notes: Zaino.
  9. I used Zaino Z2 w/ ZFX on my silver '03 GT and was impressed.

    I wasn't impressed with it on my black cobra though. It didn't give me the wet look or the shine that I desired. Pics are in my sig (the bottom row of pictures)...that's with 2 coats of Zaino. The surface was prepped with clay and 3M Swirl Remover.

    I went out and ordered a PC 7424, some buffing pads, Poorboy's SSR2.5, Clearkote Vanilla Moose and Clearkote Moose Wax. I also bought some Poorboy's EX-P but I don't plan on using it on my cobra. I plan on doing another full detail next weekend...I'll post results.
  10. Well besides Zaino...
    I've been very happy with Meguiar's NXT Gen Tech Wax. Works well on our Black and True Blue GTs and is easy to apply and remove.
    It's about $10 at Advanced Auto Parts.
    I really don't understand joestang98...I mean, i appreciate the obsession, but not taking it out of the garage for over a year...! How much pleasure can you get out of a car you don't drive?
  11. Dude, you are worse than me and that is saying something considering the fact I have over a dozen bottles of different products in my garage I've tried on my car over the past 1-1.5 years. What makes you think 50 coats is going to be any better than lets say 3 coats ? I don't get it. What twogtsforus said is true, just how much pleasure can you get out of a car that you never drive ?

    Also, how good is that Liquid Glass stuff anyway ? I've never used it but only heard it is good.
  12. Where do you buy zaino? I am in the process of using the clay bar and NTX or NXT, whatever, on my performance red stang and I love it. I mean LOVE. I just decided to get my brother a bottle of it and a clay bar for his black one. Is the NTX as good as zaino?
  13. You have to order Zaino online. I don't know if its as good as NXT wax or not.
  14. GregGTStang - I would say there are 3 main products: Zaino, Poorboy's EX(p) or p21s will produce awesome results on a black finish. Good Luck.
  15. I used the new meguires nxt stuff this weekend it worked really good also really easy to apply
  16. Scott @ Specialty Motoring suggested Clearkote for black cars. He said it would look better than Zaino (on black cars), but wouldn't be quite as durable (4-5 months for Clearkote vs. 6 months for Zaino). He also said Clearkote was a bit easier to buff out.

    We'll see how it turns out on my snake...but the man definitely seems to know what he's talking about. He also sells Poorboy's stuff.

    I have used a LOT of different waxes on my cars, but NOTHING compares to Zaino's. My current 96 Pacific Green GT with 70,000 miles on it still shines better than new. It looks like a Rolling Rock beer bottle when it is shined up right. I last waxed it (6 coats of zainos) back in March, and after a particularly rainy spring and summer in Alabama, the water still beads like fresh wax. NO other wax lasts like that!!!