Best wax for black paint?

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  1. Not a bash on Zaino as I have it, use it and think it is a good product. Just keep in mind that if you are using Z6 you are applying more Zaino each time. Z6 is not just a quick detailer, it is also a booster. Even Z7 wash contains small amounts of Zaino polish. This is why they are all designed as a system. You are constantly reinforcing the system when you use the different components. The only way you could really say that those 6 layers you put on back in March have lasted until now is if you hadn't used Z6 or Z7.
  2. Just curious, but I was on Zaino's website and it never said anything about being a wax. All I seen was polish.
  3. Correct. Zaino is a polish, not a wax. But it's real purty. :nice:
  4. Thanks for the info. Looks like the majority of you use Zaino.
  5. Hey guys, well I guess the car is not as fun as taking it out of the garage. VERY VERY TRUE! I only take it to shows and I have been collecting parts for it all summer...still waiting for LT's to come in from back order!! but this coming weekend will be it's maiden voage out of it's deep slumber. There is an All Fords Show here locally. I have a set of Nitto DR's and fron 555's that need to leave the carpet of my garage...they still have stickers on them and they are 6-months old. Anyway I hope the 50 coats of Zaino will help with a big trophy! but I can tell you 34 coats looks better than 3 coats. Someday you will get an eye for a good paint work and you can tell the "Depth" of the paint. They kind that when you look into it it makes you dizzy and sick to you stomach but at the same time gives you a bonar... :)
  6. ZAINO Is there anything else?
  7. I was told that polishing eats away layers of your paint.... :shrug:

  8. When you use numerous layers of Zaino, you get a deeper finish. Car shows are judged often with depth of paint, where a ruler is held perpindicular to the paint, and the furthest number clearly visible is the "depth of paint". Lots of Zaino atop itself will help produce a high paint depth. Zaino isn't a wax, so it doesn't need to be stripped to be reapplied atop itself.

    I'm going to try Dupont Teflon Wax soon, since I don't have a black car any more, the waxes all look the same.
  9. You were told wrong.
  10. Actually Zaino is neither a wax or a polish. . . its a polymer sealant.

  11. Zaino is by far the best- but it can be a pain to get ahold of. As for brands that are readily available in retail stores, I would SERIOUSLY reccomend Eagle One Nano Wax!

    It's GORGEOUS! Almost as good as zaino!
  12. Hey get some friends together and order money on shipping that way. Or order it and sell it to your friends at $25.00 a bottle. Make some money!
  13. That beautiful black look on that car almost makes me drool. I nearly fell out of my chair when I seen it.:eek:
  14. whatever product you pick, be sure to prep the surface properly (especially on black and red cars). People all too often clay their cars then go straight to zaino. I'd say it's not enough. Black gets swirled very, very easily and zaino does close to nothing to fix that. You need a good swirl remover/polish, preferably applied with a buffer to fix those up. THEN you can go ahead and apply zaino or whatever wax you pick.
  15. Polishes contain abrasives or, at least, chemical cleaners to try to correct imperfections in the paint. Zaino contains absolutely no abrasives or cleaners. Z5 does contain some fillers which attempt to hide slight imperfections but it does absolutely nothing to remove them. Despite what Sal likes to call his products they are sealants, not polishes. Thats why prep is so critical with Zaino . . . you really should use a real "polish" (ie Mequires, Menzerna, 1Z, etc.) prior to applying Zaino.
  16. I switched from Zaino to Meguires. The meguires Hi-tech line is huge and great (and NXT is total crap IMO). Try the show car polish, and then finish with the yellow wax. I hit mine with their swirl remover and a buffer first, and it really helped on true blue. Best wax combo I've ever found, and cheap too.
  17. Cliff Notes: I like to waste my money putting 34+ coats of zaino on my car when only 5 or less coats is sufficient. :rolleyes: