Best wax for black paint?

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  2. stick to your zaino and S100. You'll be finding yourself applying nxt more often than with your original products. Anyway, I think you and i are the only ones that use the harley wax. :D
  3. Make that three (at least) . . . just started using S100 as a topper over Zaino a couple of months ago.
  4. I guess some people take there investments more serious than others?? I can promise you it looks 29 times better than 5 coats! :spot:
  5. well, there are other independent companies like Formula 51 or 54 whatever it's called, Liquid Lustre, Shining Solutions, err can't think of anymore.

    i've tried liquid lustre not that great. Shining Solutions is just easy to use but wasn't amazed with the shine. Never used Formula 51/54/32432 :D
  6. Good info, however, it's kind of all over the place. :) Can someone tell me if this is the proper method for taking care of the finish?

    1.) Apply touch-up paint to the dings.
    2.) Use a scratch-remover filler, and buff.
    3.) Apply polish (i.e. Zaino). A couple of coats.
    4.) Seal it by applying a wax (i.e. Meguires).
    5.) You're all ready for the winter.
    6.) Apply polish every so often, and follow it up with a coat of wax a couple times a year for maintainence(?)


    Do I have it down right, or is it in the wrong order? :shrug: As always, I'm humbled by everyone's knowledge. :hail2:
  7. Basically yes.
  8. i also think the nxt is crap. i am sending my bottle back and asking for some tech wax. i like mothers reflections with hightech yellow on top!
  9. If it was me I would . . .
    1. Wash w/ car wash
    2. Claybar
    3. Polish/remove swirl marks if needed
    4. Wash w/ Dawn (Zaino needs a clean surface free of wax, fillers, etc)
    5. Zaino
    6. Add a carnuba topper is you like (But remember you'll have to strip any carnuba before you apply another coat of Zaino) :nice:
  10. nope...zaino isn't really a polish. It's more of a sealant. You don't need to apply wax over zaino...zaino should be the last thing that you do.

    You should prep the surface by claying the car (if necessary) and then dealing with any swirls, scratches, water spots, etc. with a good paint cleaner/polish. Once your paint looks good, go to the zaino.
  11. Why would you Polish and then use Dawn. Dawn will just strip the Polish off.

    1. Wash w/ Dawn (Zaino needs a clean surface free of wax, fillers, etc)
    2. Claybar
    3a.Paint Cleaner
    3b. Zaino (zaino is a polish and will hide swirls. Thus no need for another type of swirlremover/polish)
    4. Add a carnuba topper is you like (there's no "remember" because the previous coats of wax is stripped by the dawn used in step 1.):)

    If anything you would want to use Paint Cleaner between Zaino and Claybar. Paint cleaner removes oxidation and prepares surface for polish, wax, etc.
  12. wtf, i posted before you but your post is before mine.. lol
  13. I've used Zaino the past 3 years, but I tried NXT this year. Here's my summary:

    I used each product and prepped the car EXACTLY as the mfg suggested, using all the supporting products from the same manufacturer (including the dawn to strip the surface and the respective clay bars.)

    Both are VERY easy to apply. On and off in a heartbeat. You'll be happy with either in this respect. However, on my black car that is in pretty good condition (not perfect, there ARE swirls in the paint) the Zaino ends up with a noticealy better result. The paint looks wetter AND deeper, and the swirls are masked better. The paint also feels slicker to the tough with Zaino. If I put one of my polishing towels on the hood, it slides right off with Zaino. It stays put with NXT.

    Bottom line, NXT is good, but it's NOT better than Zaino in my experience. I don't really see what all the hype is about. I'd be willing to bet that the majority of people who love NXT so much have never taked the time to really Zaino their car PROPERLY.

    I'll be getting rid of all my NXT stuff and buying all new Zaino stuff when I get my car back from the body shop. I'll have a brand new paint job to keep up now!
  14. 98 GT 400 rwhp...WOW!
    I would trust this guy.
  15. Was that sarcastic?
  16. No sorry that looks sarcastic but I'm serious sorry for the confussion.
  17. You guys are weird - a 3 page thread on friggin wax/polish/polymer sealants - whatever. Again, I can appreciate wanting a clean car, but Jeez...
    Doesn't anybody want to go fast?
    (No offense meant to the author of this thread, Greg, my local Stang bud - Greg, what the hell did you start here?!?!)
    Joestang98, I guess I'll never understand someone who gets his rocks off looking at his car in the garage. These are JUST Mustangs, after me, they are meant to be driven, not stored.
  18. I guess I'll never understand someone who gets his rocks off looking at his car in the garage. These are JUST Mustangs, after me, they are meant to be driven, not store
    True, they are ment to be driven. I'm trying to go faster... I'm reducing Drag! :)
  19. Ford does a crappy job of painting our cars. Protecting it properly is absolutely necessary. I don't know about you, but I don't feel like getting a paint job in 4 years.