Best wax for black paint?

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  1. Joestang . . . no biggie, just checking

    Twogts4us . . . My primary concern is speed, hence the 400rwhp. I drive the HELL out of my car, probably harder than most on this board. But I also take pride in how it looks. A fast car that looks like ****nit is almost as bad as a slow car that's all show. A black car is NOT easy to keep looking good. You have to use the right products properly otherwise you'll be worse off than before you washed it. On the flipside, black is one of the best looking colors those rare times when it is clean and waxed, expecially at night.

  2. :lol: I'm surprised, too. I didn't know I would get this many views and responses. Majority is that a lot of people use Zaino. I'm sticking to Rain-X quick detailer. I can wax my car in 10 minutes, and it's as smooth as any other wax, polisher. Thanks for the comments. Hope it works on his Honda paint. (Now you know what kind of car it is. Probably won't be too many after this.)
  3. ay, i drive my car 1 mile a day because i'm so anal.. :rolleyes: :D
  4. YEP :nice:
  5. Super--thanks much for the responses!
  6. Just about anything looks good on a black car.
  7. yeah, bologne seems to work well.
  8. Peanut Butter, non-chunky
  9. I've used Zaino for about 5 years now. I would never use anything else on my car. I've had 2 black cars now and the shine is incredible. I just put 2 coats on my Cobra yesturday. The key is the clay bar and prepping. If you can get the surface smooth as glass, the finish will be aweome. Use Z1 and then Z5. Put Z6 in between coats. Let the polish dry. I've let is sit over night in the garage already. Apply thin coats for the best results.

    Aside from Zaino, Meguires polishes are a quality product. I use their products on other peoples cars I wax.
  10. One word...........ZAINO.
  11. Cheeseweze works really well tho.
  12. I wish I could agree, but I don't as I know from experience this isn't true.
  13. :stupid:

    :mad: black is VERY VERY time consuming to make it look good!!! products such as Meguires Gold Class wax dont even make the black paint have a good, deep, wet shine. :mad:
  14. yes yes, especially when you live deep in the heart of texas! :flag: :banana:
  15. I have to agree with the comment about Meguiars Gold Class wax. I used to use it on my GT and it had many draw backs. One, it was only a one step system so basically, it was only going to work so well. Two, it stained my plastic trim pieces and they are still stained to this date. Three, it doesn't last very long.
  16. 2 words....More ZAINO :)
  17. Prep is key ...

    Can't stress enough the importance of getting as smooth a surface as possible BEFORE the sealant. Wash with a strong detergent like Dawn, followed by claybar'ing the worst.. then use a buffer with polishes like meznera to get a glass-like surface. Then go through the full Zaino treatment. I've used Zaino exclusively on my car since 2001 and love it. I did just try their ZFX tweak, and frankly did not like it. Found the treated Zaino was much more difficult to remove than the untreated.. YMMV.

    I Zaino my car soon as the weather breaks here in New England, then again before any show I go to, and then one last time before the chill sets in for the fall. Car beads water like crazy all winter long. Gotta love the stuff.... if you are serious in looking for a good shine, its not a bad idea to invest in a good buffer like a Porter cable buffer .. it really makes a difference.
  18. I dont like the ZFX either...not necessary I feel.