Best wax for black paint?

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  1. I'm using the turtle special wax for black cars...

    looks good...

  2. I'm not knocking anyones cars in this thread but we must remember that making a car look good on a picture posted on the internet is one thing. Making it look really good in person, is another. If I were to take a picture of my GT right now, it would look as good as any of the ones posted on here with a decent camera. However, there is no wax and very little, if any polish on the surface of the car. It looks good because I've used many abrasives and rubbing compounds with an orbital buffer on my car to rub out all the swirls, imperfections, and scratches. I can't wait to see how good it looks once I get to fully polish and wax it.
  3. Agreed 100%. I non waxed car in a picture would almost look just as good as a conventional waxed car. Assuming both cars were clean. :D
  4. On Black...
    I would use:
    a) 2 coats of Klasse AIO (All In One)
    b) 2 Coats of Klasse SG (Sealant Glaze)
    c) 1 Coats of P21S Concours Carnuba
    or 1 Coats Of Megs #16 Carnuba as a topper coat
    Detail with Sonus Carnuba Spritz

    Here is a shot of a sinister snake that I shot at a show this weekend with this combo...aside from being a drop dead gorgeous car, the finish on this paint is second to none for black.

    This will trump Zaino for wetness undeniably.
  5. i might have to disagree with most of you... i have used just about every car wax ono the market and this is my conclusion in order of favorites:
    1. Simply Z-Best
    2. Zaino
    3. NXT

    when i went to the car show this year to check out the new mustang in person, i was bombarded by vendors selling car care products. im open minded so i checked out each product demo and out of like 100 demos simply Z-best was the most incredible.. the salesman had a black hood with some swirls and a can of spraypaint. i felt bad doing it but i followed his instructions and spray painted the black hood with white spray paint (yes it waas real) then put a hair dryer to it and dried it up nice making sure it was real with soap and water. then the guy applied this wax and it took off all of the paint, hid the swirls, and left a blinding glare on that black hood. anyways back to my point: simply Z-best = teh winner
  6. Those are great choices as well. I haven't personally tried any of them, but I've heard great things about the Klasse twins.

    It's funny how most professional detailers stay away from Zaino. Zaino is great for a home user since you don't need a PC or other buffer.
  7. Mind if I ask where you get this "Simply Z-best" stuff at ? I might be interested in trying it. Thanks.
  8. anyone use Meguires Scratch-X on their black stang before?? I just picked some up today and am curious to see if it really will reduce/hide/remove the swirl marks. I guess the best way to use it would be
    1. wash car w/ dawn
    2. clay bar
    3. wash w/ zaino wash
    4. dry car
    5. scratch-x
    6. Z1
    7. Z5
    8. Z2
    9. s100
  9. If you use good stuff, no buffer is needed...........

    I have thew worst black car on this site.

    Adam's Polish worked SWEEET with no work at all.
  10. well, the z5 and meguiars scratch-x is the same thing. Btw Z1 is just the cleaner that preps the paint for polish wax etc. some of the things you have listed overlaps the other products. Therefore making it useless. Just wash the car with a "normal" wash. 2. Claybar 3. dry car (you don't need wash car again) 4. Either Scratch-X or Z5 5. Z2 6. and least but not least S100.

    I took out Dawn because the claybar will remove all previous wax on it, just like dawn would. Took out Zaino wash because you don't need to wash after claybar. Just wipe it clean with clean cloth. And i also combined meguiars scratch-x with Z5 because both are the same thing. Again it'll be redundant to the some of things. :D DEEP IN THE HEEAAAAAAAAART OF TEXAS! :banana:
  11. Z5 and ScratchX are definitely NOT the same. ScratchX has abrassives in it that actually remove swirls and scratches as well as oils to help hide what it cannot remove. Z5 has absolutely no abrassives at all. Neither product is very good at hiding swirls or scratches.

    While a claybar might abrade the wax on the surface it is very doubtful that it is going to remove much of it and most definitely not ALL of it. The consumer clay bar kits like Mothers, Clay Magic and others are not abrassive. They remove contaminates using a shearing action as you glide the bar over your paint. Although I personally don't recommend it Dawn is going to be far more effective at removing wax than any claybar.

    Here is the general process I use for Zaino.

    1. Wash the car with any car wash soap to get it clean.

    2. Clay the surface to remove any bonded contaminates that surface prep with a good cleaner polish might miss.

    3. Surface prep to REMOVE swirls and scratches. You can use ScratchX but, I personally like Meguiars professional line. I usually use #82 swirl free polish for minor swirls and scratches or #83 dual action cleaner polish for more severe problems.

    4. Although I cringe every time I do this, wash with dawn to remove any remaining oils or wax that might be left on the surface.

    5. Wash with Z7 to remove any dawn residue and to prep the surface for Zaino.

    6. Z5/ZFX

    7. Z2/ZFX

    8. Top with carnauba of your choice. I would use Meguiars #16 professional paste wax myself. It will give you the same look as S100 but, is far more durable.
  12. I beg to differ....I 99% of the time ONLY use Z5....Period....I wash with Zaino wash, and polish with Z5....On my Black GT, and I get comments ALL the time on how great the car looks. I don't use the ZFX either....Its smooth as glass and beads water for months.....I guess I don't have time to everything else...I have Z2 and ZFX sitting in the garage and I don't even bother using them....
    Just my .02...

    Oh and P.S. I am not sure I want to use a product on my car that removes baked on paint on a regular basis....But good luck to you...
  13. At best Z5 will lessen the appearance of very minor swirls. Dude, your car is only 2 years old. Mine is 3 and I barely have swirls worth mentioning.

    Your choice but, eventually Z5 isn't gonna hide them.
  14. I take a crap on the hood, works almost as good as a clay bar. :nice:
  15. First you need to understand where swirls come from..........

    Crap on the PAINT !!!!

    So prep is the KEY here.

    There is no perfect wax out there.....
    Just what works for you.

    Meguires sucks here on dark cars, read used crap paint.

    I will only use Adam's, you have to try it to believe it.
    Several of my show friends dumped Megs, thats how good this stuff is.


    This is raw paint thats 15 years old.
  16. ok.. maybe you didn't understand me. My Point was that scratch-x and Z5 serve the same purpose in disguising swirls and scratches. So there was no point in using both of them at the same time. Not that they were exactly the same thing. As for dawn removing all wax and claybar not removing all of it etc i guess you're right. :flag:

    another cool thing about this wax is that it doesnt turn powdery when you wipe it off, and doesnt get all dried up in the sun! trust me you'll be very pleased,
  18. that stuff is just like liquid lustre.
  19. btw...i'm now officially anti-zaino on black paint. It doesn't even come close to giving you the best results. Great protection, yes....but the results aren't that great.

    Here's my car after Poorboy's SSR 2.5, Clearkote Vanilla Moose, and Clearkote Carnauba Wax...I applied it 2 days ago:


    It gave my car a much deeper, wetter look than Zaino.
  20. Hey, that's my car! Sweet! :D That's 7 coats of Zaino topped with S100 Paste Wax (excact same wax as Pinnacle Souveran P21S) and detailed with Clearkote Quik Shine and MF towels. they have an excellent mist on quick detailer that is also a color enhancer / seems to fill microscratches as well. The Zaino gives it awesome depth and clarity and the S100 + the Quik Shine give it the dark, wet look.

    Here's a few more