Best wax for black paint?

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by GregGTStang, Aug 20, 2004.

  1. Zaino Rocks!
  2. Zaino is untouchable......
  3. simply Z best says "you cant touch this"
    :scratch: or was that mc hammer? i cant remember but trust me try it
  4. are all certainly are entitled to your opinions, but I've tried Zaino on my black cobra, and I've tried clearkote. Zaino was very easily beaten.

    You guys might also want to cruise around detailing forums such as autopia and detailcity...I haven't come across a single professional detailer that uses Zaino yet.

    Zaino isn't a bad product. It's actually great for the home user and it gives fantastic durability. won't give you the best results on a black car.
  5. i guess the only inconvience zaino has is it's cure time. Other than that's nice. Where can i find "your" clearkote products?
  6. what is your all around favorite??? i am willing to try new products
  7. They're not mine. There's a guy named Scott who is one of the sponsors at His website is He sells Clearkote and Poorboy's stuff. Very helpful guy...send him an email and he'll tell you what the best way to go is. He recommended the "Clearkote Killer Combo" to me along with Poorboy's SSR 2.5. I posted a pic of my car on the previous page of this thread. That was my car after applying his stuff this past Saturday. You can also ask stallion98GT what he thinks...he saw my car in person on Sunday (two days ago).

    On black or red cars, you definitely want to go with a Carnauba wax for best results. Zaino is more of a sealant than a doesn't have Carnauba in it. Neither does NXT.
  8. :D i know it's not your company. hehehe but thanks:)
  9. yeah his car is sick locking..very shiny..very glossy...when he cruises on the freeway it looks fat...even if his stock exhaust sux :)
  10. wait till i get my stingers bro...just wait...
  11. spree.......
    any more pics of the clearkote on the cobra??? how about some direct sunlight shots :jester: which product in the clearkote line is good for swirls???
  12. Like I said, you can have Zaino clarity and depth as well as the wet,dark and black look of a caranuba if you top your layers of Zaino with something like S100, ClearKote's Vanilla Moose, Quik Shine, etc. and still have the protection of the Zaino. Just keep it fresh with a caranuba on top and the Zaino will last for a year +. Mine is still on it.

    Here's a direct sunlight shot of mine.
  13. Hey, I still see tiny swirls. :p
  14. that's ****ing insane man. nice
  15. Definately Zaino.
  16. it's probably coming from the camera lense!! :p
  17. Zaino has nothing to do with the lack or presence of swirl marks.
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