Best wax?

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  1. What waxes do you guys use on your cars? Ive always been told Meguiar's is the best but lately Ive been hearing they leave marks on the paint, is this true? There are afew shows coming up and I want to look my best :nice:
  2. best wax

    IMO the best wax out there is Zaino. The shine is incredible and it lasts longer than just about anything available. It lasts about 6 months. The prep work is a little time consuming- wash, clay bar, wash- but the wax goes on and wipes off easier than anything that I have used. I usually put on 3 coats (the more you put on the deeper the shine) If you do a google search a member did a test on a hood with Meguires, Zaino, and a couple of others that I can't remember and the Zaino was the clear winner in both shine and how long they lasted. You can only get it thru their website:
  3. Once you use Zaino you will use Zaino for life. There is nothing like it. I helped judge a show a couple weeks ago at the Bullitt/Mach 1 Shootout. I could tell the Zaino cars from the others. I asked and I was right. Really impressed a friend, she is ordering some for her new 05 GT.
  4. Thanks guys, Ill have to look into it.
  5. Want the best here you go

    As far as Meg's leaving marks I highly doubt it. Marks have to do more with the person not applying correctly or removing it the product with inferior micro fiber towels/terry clothes.
  6. depends on what im feel like using at the time. carnuba based waxes I use pinnacle souverian, poorboys nattys paste wax, s100, or p21s.
    Lately ive been more into the synthetic sealants since they seem to let the metallic pop out a bit more.
  7. What wax to use is not as important as what method you used to prep the paint.

    Proper paint prep is where the key is at. Once you have leveled the paint (corrected paint swirls, scratches, etc.) then you can put any wax on the paint and it will be a winner.

    Even using Zaino on a improperly prepped finish will only HIDE imperfections in your paint, not correct them.

  8. I have always been a die hard carnauba guy but, I too have recently been playing around with synthetics. The problem with most of them is they leave a very sterile, hard shine. What I like most about carnauba is that it makes the paint look like a wet pool of liquid. Sealants seem to lack the gloss that carnauba offers.

    The closest look I have found to my carnauba faves would have to be Klasse SG. It is a bear to work with but, the results are outstanding and it will last every bit as long as Zaino.

    Here is a pic of my car with Meguiars #7 show car glaze topped with #26 high tech yellow wax.

    Here is a pic of my car with Klasse AIO/SG

    Klasse doesn't darken the paint quite as much but, the wetness and gloss are definitely there.
  9. I used zaino for a while, then got the turtle wax extreme gloss, and I will never use the zaino "wax" (actually a polish) again. I still use the glass, tire, and clay bar..but not the polish..
  10. I am a recent Zaino convert. It's a little pricey and you can only order it online, but the ease of use made me a believer. I have Satin Silver and you'd be surprised all the things you can see reflected in the paint. Check out my gallery,especially the pics on pages 3-5 for the "Zaino look".
  11. Much better/easier/cheaper results than Zaino.
  12. I've used Zaino before, but now I just stick with the $2 plain turtle wax creamy-and-slimy paste. Zaino is definitely better in terms of durability, just a bit more expensive.
  13. Yah? That must be why I stopped using Zaino.

    The "best" wax depends on what you're looking for in a wax. If you want durability, Zaino is great. If you want looks...well...I'd look elsewhere, especially on a black/red car.

    Oh, and an FYI...Zaino is not a wax. It's also not a polish. It's a synthetic sealant.
  14. If you are getting superior results using Turtle Wax and other common brands over Zaino, you are not doing something right. I have experimented with all kinds of of detailing products over the years, and I have never found anything that satisfied me like Zaino. It makes my Autumn Orange glow like neon, also the Laser Red we used to have. My wife's Black 02 has a gloss like you wouldn't believe, and I don't spend a lot of time on it. My son has a Dark Shadow Gray 03 GT and it makes the metallics glitter like a bass boat. The only thing I don't use it on is my black Silverado pickup, it is huge and takes all day long, so I use Gold Class on it.
  15. Keep in mind that the terms we are all using like glow, gloss and glitter are all subjective. They may mean something completely different to someone else. So is the look that a product gives. There are pretty much two camps, Sealants and Carnauba. They each offer a different look and some prefer one over the other. Lets not forget that the Wax or Sealant is only responsible for maybe 10% of that shine at best, the rest is the prep work. No product is going to make paint that is in bad condition look good.

    No one is ever going to be able to answer the "which wax is best" question. Personally I would say if someone is happy with Turtle Wax than why not continue to use it but, they should probably consider looking into a good paint cleaner to remove swirls and scratches. The smoother you can make the finish before you wax the better it will look.

    Over the years I too have tried MANY products and for some reason I usually come back to the basics like my favorite combo of Meguiars #7 show car glaze topped with #26 high tec wax. I still like to tinker which is why I still have such a large stash of products. My current product Du Jour is Klasse AIO topped with SG.

    This is only part of my stash, it is expanding into a 3rd cabinet and the rest is in rubbermaid bins :D See if you can find the Zaino in the second pic.

  16. You can't go wrong with a carnuba wax, that deep wet look it gves is just amazing
    Here my simple (but works) stash Klasse/Vanilla Moose hand glaze/Megs #16
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  17. :shrug:


    That shelf goes about 7-10 bottles deep and it's packed to the brim.
  18. Man you guys are wasting so much money :shrug:

    You'll need a support group :D

    rj is right though, no wax is best because it is all subjective. Also to claim that because one prefers Turtle Wax over Zaino means they are doing something "wrong" is incorrect because again the "looks" area is subjective.

    I hate the plastic look that Zaino produces but others love it, who is right? Well again it is subjective, relative to what each individual finds appealing. One can claim that wax "A" or polymer "B" is the best but that does not make it an "absolute".

  19. As a full time student with a part-time, I usually have 70-80 bucks a week or so that I can spend on whatever (the rest goes to savings for tech school). I really cant afford any of the expensive stuff that you can get online, so I experiment with the easy to get stuff such as Meg's, Turtle Wax, and Mothers.

    I have read alot about Meg's, and my auto teacher likes turtle wax. I have used both, but I prefer Mothers..possibly because my mothers 3 stage uses carnauba wax. Meg's usually gives a good shine, but everytime I use it I get streaks/lines in the paint.

    Talking to my auto teacher at school, he said something like the first thing you do will make the car look 90% better, and the rest is just the last 10%. There is some truth to that, as washing your car makes it looks worlds better if its dirty, and waxing only makes it look a little better (or more depending on the situation). I get a good shine from Mothers, and the expense to me isnt worth it for an expensive wax that will only make my car look marginally better.

    As others have said, its all preference really. Nobody can tell you what is best, you just have to put in the time and find the right combination that you like.
  20. Is Nu Finish that bad compared to others?? I've used it about 4-5 times and thought it was good...maybe im missing out..??