Best wax?

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by bentley429, May 15, 2005.

  1. Meguires NXT has been pretty good for me lately. On the Silver 98 SHO it will reduces light scratches and also give the car a nice wet look. On my 01 Cobra it really gives the paint some depth.

  2. I just sold all my Zaino after using turtle wax extreme shine. I think it looks a lot better! I still use my Zaino glass polish and tire gloss...but as far as polish and touch up spray...GONE!
  3. Nu Finish, too many polishes/waxes/sealants?

    I just went to the OReilly's Parts Store and the manager used to own a detailing shop. He told me Nu Finish was the best product out there except for some stuff made by safety Rite or something like that.

    Anyway I bought the nu finish but since reading this post am leaning toward turtle extreme gloss. Is it bad to put on a once a yar aplication like nu finish then after a few weeks try something else?
  4. Different waxes look different on different finishes. Color and texture of the finish will make huge differences.
    Some people rave about Meguire's NXT -- but it looked like crap on my car. However, Klasse All-in-One with a coat or two of Pure Carnuba (P21S) looks awesome! (see my garage pics)

    Like was mentioned above -- PREP is the key. Try using a claybar. It makes a world of difference.
  5. Don't always listen to what so called "detailers" or "I used to detail" folks. Those are the ones who owned the "fast food" type of detailing service. The cheapest product is what they use normaly products that contain a crap load of fillers to hide imperfection not remove them. A professional detailer nver reuses his/her wash mitt or car soap. Clean microfiber towels are always a must, do your own research and purchase what you feel looks good to you. Trail and error is what it takes you first step is research cleaning the paint is key it doesn't matter what wax/sealant you buy unprepped paint will look poorly next to a car with a well prepped paint using the same wax/sealant. Good luck.
  6. I thought of that. He said he put on the nufinish after paint jobs, so his reason may be different than mine anyway- to make them last as opposed to the deepest gloss.
    I put the meg nxt wax on it and it looks okay. I bought a waxxpro orbital polisher yesterday at pepboys for 26$ on sale. So I will use that for a while