Best way to clean and strip underside?

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  1. What is the best way to clean and strip the underside of a car? I just finished my rotisserire and now I want to clean and strip the underside of my mustang. So what do you guys think? Other than sand / media blasting, what has been the best / easiest way to clean and strip the underside of forty years of dirt, grease, grime and undercoating?
  2. some guy had a write up of some type of sheeting applied with a chemical that you scrape off...Looked pretty good. Dont remember what it was called.
  3. Was it something along the lines of paint stripper? I don't have a lot of undercoating it's just alot of grease and dirt. The undercoating that is there looks like it was put there by a previous owner in the wheel wells.
  4. I say soap and a pressure wash would do the trick but it will get everywhere messy..
  5. Im not sure if it works on undercoating, but we used this Aircraft brand Paint stripper and it ate through both coats of paint on my car, it was awesome!
  6. I believe the name of the product was "Peel Way"? :shrug:

    This can be credited to Platonic Solid who owns a 73 Vert. Good right up and pictures. He is on this forum and would probably be more then happy to help :nice:
  7. Geo beat me to it. It was indeed Peel Away and Platonic Solid did the write up.
  8. I used a drill and wire brush

    Took awhile, but got er done for like $10 bucks.

  9. LOL...spoken like a true Californian.

    We got stuff on our undercarriages that you have probably never seen. ;)
  10. Oven cleaner (not the cheap stuff) and a pressure washer works good.
  11. I've used a 4" angle grinder and some knotted wire cup brushes. It's dusty messy and you gotta be wary of wires being stuck in places you don't want (wear something thicker than sweatpants or wear a cup :eek: )

    Use a knotted brush instead of a straight bristle, it'll last longer and the wires don't fly out as bad.
  12. If you need a cup to work on a car, maybe that's not the best way to be working on something. :rolleyes: :eek:
  13. It's more of a deal that when you move, you find.... suprises.... that you didn't expect. It's not as drastic as getting a ball of white hot metal from using the MIG between your sock and the tounge of your tennis shoe. :jaw:
  14. That's the TRUTH!!!! I thought I was the only one who experienced that. That HURTS!!::Damnit: :mad: :notnice: :eek:
  15. These are all good ideas. I thought about the pressure washer and degreaser idea. But I like to hear other alternatives. Wire brush? Not too fond of that idea. Yeah it's cheaper but it just seems more time consuming and like you guys said; dusty and dirty. Plus the whole danger element to my "boys" doesn't appeal to me either :lol:
  16. Steam cleaner and some heavy cleaner may be better,it will cut anything off but solid paint and rust.
  17. I have a nasty scar from where something like that happened a year ago. Piece of metal I was cutting got wedged under the strap of my sandal. When I finally managed to stop hopping around and peel it off, a nice chunk of skin came with it. Of course, do you think I would learn? noooooo.
  18. :jaw: NICE!

    But $400 for something that you might only use once is a bit extreme.
    I rolled the car over tonight. I love saying that! Everyone should have a rotisserie. The underside is not too bad. There is no rust and alot of the dirt and grime is coming off real easy. So I might be able to get it all done with just degreaser, powerwasher and some elbow grease. :nice: Plus I replaced the floorpans and they are virgin metal.