Best Way To Clean Fuel Rails?

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  1. Hey guys I have a set of stock fuel rails that have been sitting up for years. They were on an old junk motor. I will be using them on my new motor(until I put a power adder on my car) and I want to thoroughly clean them inside and out. Any recommendations for what to use? I was thinking about soaking them in mineral spirits then rince them out really good and blow them dry with compressed air. Am I on the right track or should I go about this a different way?
  2. The exterior of mine I used 0000 steel wool, polished them up very nicely.
  3. You need to be able to pump fluid through it.
  4. Hmm, I'll have to figure out how to go about doing that. :scratch:
  5. fill with Super Clean/Simple Green/Carb Cleaner, etc, let sit a couple of hours, pour out, repeat as many times as necessary until gunk stops coming out,.rinse with how water, blow out with compressed air....enjoy your new fuel rail.

    Wanna get creative. Get yourself a couple of bore brushes you might use for cleaning a small caliber rifle and scrub a dub dub.
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  6. I had mud wasps nest in my rail while it was in my garage. That was impossible to remove
  7. Safety wire and a drill. Ask me how I know. :rlaugh:
  8. tell. :pop:
  9. So THERE I was... Minding my OWN business, installing a set of OEM heads onto a motor when I lined up the fuel rail and what popped out???? BzZZZzzzzZZzzzzzzz. So after completing what my across the street neighbor thought was me having a seizure and swatting at thin air like I was trying to shoo away the devil himself, I shone a light within the small shelter. "What did you see?", you ask.

    Yep... Mud wasp remains. So I terminated their foothold with extreme prejudice (gas and a torch) then went about the safety wire and drill method for cleaning the rest of the mud out. Of course it was followed up by some brake cleaner to be sure.
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  10. Dammit noobz you had to up my story :(
  11. Hmmm... :chin I'd have agreed with you if I'd not run around my garage and driveway like a little girl. :oops: