best way to get rid of spiders in and underneath the car?

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  1. I noticed I've had some webs recently around my gas pedal and outside under my rear, i drive the car every day, its friggin annoying, i killed a spider the other day in my trunk and some other bastard in my door jam, but still more webs..

    Any idea how to destory all of them? I'm about to like bomb my car or spray the **** out of it w/ those cans..
  2. Id say a good dose of poison would do the job
  3. recommand a brand or which one?

    Put it inside the car? or underneath it?
  4. Put a hose from the exhaust and snake it inside the car. Roll windows up, ( obviously NOT be inside car ) and let run for a good while. Air it out really well, febreze it if needed. Anything in there is dead now! :)
  5. I don't know man but I had a banana spider in my old mustang and it came out from under the dash and I screamed like alittle school girl...I can't remember what I bombed the car iwth but it didn't get driven for 3 days. LOL

    New wheels look good on there!
  6. this sounds awful lol no thanks
  7. yeah it f'n sucks. im going to try a couple different things before i go bombing it etc.

    I decided against doing springs for awhile as my #1 thing is drag racing (besides Daily driving :p). So I'll be doing steeda's single piece shaft and the 15inch wheels and tires for the track so by fall i'll take off like .40 or so off my time :D

    It will be on the lift soon getting single piece driveshaft so I'll be working on removing the eggs and search n destory mission of spiders at the same time.

    thanks i need to take better pictures soon with the new wheels, been lazy i hate summer man.
  8. Go to walmart and get Ortho home defense max. It comes in a white gallon with a red label. Get the one with the spray gun. It kills on contact and continues killing for like 6 months. Its awesome I use it all around my house to keep critters out, best product ive ever bought from walmart
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  9. I think Bats eat spiders, maybe you could turn a bat loose in your car and...... Ummmm..... never mind.

    Just kidding....

    I think the Ortho should do the trick. Florida has a lot of bugs, good luck to you.

  10. let me guess ,,,,,,,,,,,, your working on a screen play :stirpot:
  11. I have this problem with my Crown Vic. I park it outside under large trees, so the spiders come out and play during the night.

    I bought a box of Raid Fumigator (blue box, about $12 for a pack of 3 at Home Despot or Lowe's). It's safe for all surfaces, even for use in the house. You pour in some water and it activates after 2 minutes (giving you enough time to evacuate the premises) and it does its job. I haven't used it in the Vic yet, but it seems like the best product to use. It supposedly won't leave any oily residue either.
  12. as an exterminator i can tell you that the way we treat spiders in homes is by sweeping up webs and egg sacks and putting deltamethrin dust in cracks and crevices and also laying out glue boards. obviously this is not a good idea for the car. ortho max is simply a less potent solution of bifenthrin and to really kill spiders you need to get it on them. using poisons like that in the home usually works by eliminating food supply and causing spiders to move on. i would suggest a good inspection under the dash, under the seats, in the trunk, under the hood agaisnt the firewall, under the bumpers, pretty much all over. the most effective thing is going to be to find them and physically remove them. more than likely they are not poisonous.
  13. I have the same problem with my car. I have a tree over my driveway and I get these little white/tanish spiders all the time in my car. Drives me nuts! In the warmer months I kill about a dozen a month.
  14. Experts keep saying to remove "food" from the car or home. I have nothing that resembles food in my cars, yet the spiders sometimes get in. The same applies to my home. I only eat in the dining room but I find spiders in my bedroom and office all the time. I don't believe the spiders eat the same type of food we do, they are attracted by other insects (their food) which I have no real control over. Mosquitoes and flies sometimes get in, and I try to kill them as best as I can.

    so when I got home from work yesterday decided to clear out webs I find with a vaccum and with a paper towel underneath the car, i decided to also spray this can of Holeshot spider kill I had lying around just randomly under the car in cracks and places that looked like a spider would like, well I winded up killing a bunch of spiders and i found some smaller egg sacs.

    Now I got to the nose of the car and I got to a part of the web that was very thick and sticky I was like wtf? Well I ripped it down and this nasty huge bugger pops out and im almost **** a brick, i started spraying the hell out of it until it died it was quite a battle.

    I inspected it and I googled up what it looked like slightly/brown/tan w/ Stripped black legs and an orange/red bulb i believe it to be a Brown Widow Spider which is a dangerous spider in FL. So I'm pretty freaked out now, if their are more im not sure i want to be crawling under their to be gettin those webs, I also have a clean car w/ no food and its well taken care of..

    I'm wondering if i should get a professional to Tent my car or something?

    Scott, since you're an exterminator can this be done? Tenting a car to kill the spiders and eggs? If so what would something like that cost? Where do I go from here, OH !! And Afrer all my work of killing spiders and tearing webs, when i came into my car this morning I had a new web on my f'n gas pedal.

    I read online that parking by light can attract bugs which the spiders eat, so starting last night I moved my car to the guest parking in my condo which has no parking lights so its a dark area maybe I'll attract less critters.. :/
  16. Try the Raid Fumigator, it's only $12. Use 1 bottle inside the car, keep all the windows closed. Use another bottle underneath the car preferably inside a closed garage or other enclosed space. You may even opt to put another inside the trunk. That should take care most of the bugs.

  17. I can try it, I don't own a garage neither does my parents :( so i have to do in the parking lot. This stuff smell like ass? worried about my interior of my car :/

  18. Good information, thanks for your post. :nice:
  19. You can buy the non-residue foggers, but I'm not sure how effective they would be.
  20. The consensus is the Raid fumigator leaves a fresh clean smell without any oily residue. I haven't tried it myself, I still have the box on my desk. Enough people have recommended it that I'd have no problems giving it a go. It was designed for kitchens and stuff, just make sure you cover up your utensils, fish tank, food, etc...