best way to get rid of spiders in and underneath the car?

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  1. I don't have a spider problem in my Condo, its in the car.. lol

    No Fish Tank in my car :)
  2. I would try the Fumigator. Never used it in a car, but I have used it in the house and it works well. Never noticed a lingering odor. I really hate spiders.
  3. A benefit with Fumigators, the "smoke" is supposed to penetrate into nooks and crannies where the nasties hide.
  4. I don't have much faith in anything off the shelf but I don't think anyone would use a tent. its mostly a termite treatment where termite fly. we don't do that in my state. physical removal is the best bet. if you are scared use a shop vac
  5. Sell the car.


    In other critter nightmare buddy owned his shiny new red Mazda RX8 all of 7 weeks when he came out one day and tried to start it and got odd clicking sounds and a flash. Then warning lights and a nasty smell.

    Turns out mice and taken up in the car and chewed through a bunch of wires in the dash and in the engine bay. Joy.
  6. not selling the car, i love this car, ill get rid of them soon enough.

    I bought the fumigator **** yesterday, im gonna do that and hope for the best.

    plus its going on a lift in a week so ill clean up and kill remove any eggs/webs i find underneath it.
  7. if you suck up any eggs or spiders with a shop vac make sure you clean out the shop vac and kill anything you suck up. you dont want to store the vaccuum with spiders inside it. they will crawl out eventually.
  8. Take a lesson from our good olde buddies across the pond
    and do this the natural way! Introduce a natural enemy like they do in England.

    1 - Take a breeding pair of native lizzards and turn them loose. Once they begin to breed they will decimate the entire spider population.
    2 - Find a snake species that eats the lizzards. They should not take longer than (3) days to do the job as long as they haven't recently eaten.
    3 - Weasels eat snakes. Any old weasel should do but I personally like the Mongoose.
    4 - Coyotes and large cats (Panthers or Cougers). CAUTION: Do not introduce Cougers in the presence of teenage boys.
    5 - There should only be enough room for (2) or (3) large cats in your car, so (1) bear will be enough.
    6 - Bears really have no natural enemies so you will either have to contract a local redneck with a shotgun or let the thing starve. Remember, he has hibernation on his side.

    Good luck with you spiders,
    I've enjoyed following the thread!
  9. WTF... :fuss::chair: I'm bombing the **** out of it tonight.
  10. There was an old lady who swallowed a fly.......

    Really I think I would roll down the windows, throw a cover over it and set off a bug bomb under it. Fumigate the little beasties.
  11. How goes the bug battle? If the Fumigator doesn't work, maybe you can call the Starship Troopers. :D
  12. If nothing else works...

    a. Contact some local termite companies
    b. Ask them if on their next tent job, you can contact the homeowner and ask permission to park your car in their garage since it will probably be vacant as the owners leave the area for a few days.
    c. Problem solved.
    d. Of course, you'll be without your ride for a few days.
  13. Old country remedy is to buy some PURE peppermint oil (watch when handling because it's like pepper spray). Put some on cotton balls and leave them where you think the problem is, Spiders, Roaches, Mice are gone.

    Smear some on the inside of the car like under the dash, by the footwel, etc etc. and leave some cotton balls with it here and there. No critters and your car will smell pretty.
  14. I don't know if it would work on spiders, but along the same line, I put several dryer sheets around the inside of an old '85 Mustang I keep under a carport. I was having a problem with mice over the winter. Last winter there wasn't a sign of a mouse all winter. Like I said, I don't know if that would work on spiders. Also, like the oil, car smelled nice too. :nice:
  15. This has become one of my favorite threads. Great stuff all of it. Just try a good house and garden spray. Under dash, under car, in trunk ,under hood.
  16. I found this thread as I was looking for way to get rid of seems after recently putting the doors + top back on my Jeep (yes, yes, I know it's not a Mustang), I got a (jumping) spider stuck in my car.

    I'm not a fan of spiders at all and he really likes to jump around while I'm driving...I'd be getting a bus pass if I found eggs in my ride :O
  17. I have barking spiders in my car whenever I eat at Taco Bell (POOF).
  18. So how goes the battle of the arachnids vs humans? Did you clear the car of pest or have you learned to co-exist with the little buggers?
  19. So how goes the battle of the arachnids vs humans? Did you clear the car of pest or have you learned to co-exist with the little buggers? As for those barking spiders they may just be the thing to kill the regular spiders.