Best way to increase my horsepower

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by crnrip, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. I have already installed a K&N cold air filter and am lookin at a couple options. First dual exhuast. I dont really care about the sound i just want what ever brand will give me the most horsepower and whether i should get x or h. Im also looking at an SCT superchip for my 2002 mustang but not sure how much horsepower i will gain from it. Or if anyone has anyother ideas on how to get some more horsepower let me know besides getting a GT.

    This is the link for the chip im lookin at

  2. I'd go with the SCT Tuner over the chip. Fastest way to get HP is with nitrous. You'll have to define "best" if you want a more accurate answer. :p
  3. best as in the most horsepower i will be able to get out of it. you think ill be able to get 15 hp from the chip?
  4. You'll get very lucky if you get 15WHP from a chip/tuner. If you want real HP, your going to need to spray or supercharge. If you spray the most I would spray is 100. And that's kind of pushing it with the stock internals. With a 100 shot, you would be about as fast as a 4.6L . I'm not sure how much HP the v6 stock internals can take though. If you supercharge you might want to invest in forged internals. Nitrous will cost you about 1 grand to do it safely with a wet kit.
  5. You're much safer staying with a 75 shot on stock internals. Definitely get a tune with it as well to stay on the safe side.
  6. Depending on the budget........ I have well over $5000 in my blower setup with tune and all. You could definitely get sprayed a lot cheaper, but the cost of filling the bottle will add up
  7. sct or diablo... whatever you want, they basically do the same stuff. If you get an sct chip you can have like up to 4 different tunes.

    bolt-ons are a cheep way to pick up a few extra ponies, but if you want a big bang then you'll have to go nitrous or S/C

    those are some site i've used when i had a v6
  8. I have several bolt ons and a tune by at 196rwhp and 228 rwtrq I do have plans for a twin turbo but i have several more bolt ons consisting of shorty headers, 65mm throttle body, Underdrive pullies, and maybe a cam with springs that added to what i have and another tune will put me with a 99-04 GT or close to it....I would have longtube headers if i was going all motor but I will use the shortys with the not even going to put me in a class with a TT V6 next to a stock 99-04 GT more like the 05+ ..............get a cold air intake not just filter, xpipe ( i prefer), true dual exhaust, short shifter, and a tune Sniper puts out impressive numbers on the Mustang Dyne with their programs....I would look into them plus they are cheaper then a lot of other places around here in FL and still gave me higher numbers then the others would have done for me or at least said they would
  9. did someone say NITROUS!!!!!! if you go this rout, weather dry or wet get yuorself a tune, and dont go over 80 dry, or 75 wet with basicaly a stock motor.
  10. a 100 wet shot is able to be done on a stock internal V6 motor...I wouldnt recommend using this daily or on the highway just to race someone faster then you......If your looking to hit the track twice a month maybe 3 times then ok otherwise use a 75 Wet shot with only one nozzle into the intake not 2....dont bother with a Dry system...and a tune would be nice for the car and the nitrous setup....a tune for the nitrous can still be used when driving daily it just helps when in use...Sniper Tuning has a good setup for this along with a new NY-TREX kit....check them out