best way to ship a carb (cleaning)

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  1. I want to sell my way too big carb. (not an add)

    what is the best way to clean it out? just drain the fuel bowls. would shooting the throttle body with carb cleaner ruin it?
  2. Just cleaning it with the carb cleaner should be fine. I'm guessing you're referring to the center part of the carb aas the throttle body. It won't be harmed either.
  3. Compressed air.
  4. thanks guys.
  5. just dump the gas out and let the carb sit a couple days in the open to let the fumes disappate. Then before shipping, wrap the carb in a plastic bag, then pack it in the shipping box. What carb are you selling?
  6. Do what was suggested earlier but make sure you double wrap this carb in plastic. Either that or take it to a shipping place and have them wrap it, but remember you are dealing with what the shippers call "Hazardous Materials" because of the fuel. If it leaks during shipping you can be heavily fined, we just shipped a fuel control (carb) for a jet engine and it leaked my company was fined $50,000 :eek:
  7. When I mailed my old carb, I just had Dad wash it our really well in the parts washer and let it sit for a couple days. Then I wrapped it in a plastic bag, then newspaper, and threw it in a box. I also told the guy and the post office that it was a carb, but it had been washed out and he didn't have a problem with it.

  8. Like the rest said, dump out as much as you can and let it sit for a spell. BUT.....know that fumes and vapors are more explosive in a small confined place than the actual gas itself. Once you make sure it won't drip anymore, I would advise against trapping any fumes in a plastic bag. Let em come out and mix with the outside air if they must. That would be the safest route.
  9. I just took out the gas out of mine and let it dry out until I couldn't smell fumes that bad.

    Shipped from NC to Ohio with no problem.
  10. *edit*I replied with the type of carb, but I don't want to make this an add. so I took it out.

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